The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse October 12, 2017

Are you as excited as we are for Red Cap artist, Jon Klassen‘s brand new book, The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse? Written by his usual collaborator, Mac Barnett, this story explores a twist on the “Peter in the Wolf” and fable classics. What if the animals a wolf ate for lunch were mighty happy in his stomach?

The Kirkus Review says:

“Klassen’s signature palette, compositions, and comedic, horizontally elongated eyes are here along with the heightened action propelled by Barnett’s narrative. Barnett wrestles Aesop and Grimm into pretzels, adding a groaner ending (“And that’s why the wolf howls at the moon”) for the mustard.”

This sweet book is so brilliantly absurd, with a perfectly juxtaposed neutral color palette that Jon brings to life so beautifully, and an ending that puts a wrap on a wondering that any child might have. It’s pretty lovely that the personalities of the duck and the mouse mirror Mac and Jon’s personality as well (see the video below!). Pick this one up! Check out more beautiful images from the book and the trailer below. Also, click here for Jon Klassen’s designs for Red Cap Cards.




4 Picture Books for a Fun & Spooky Halloween October 6, 2017

Halloween is almost here! If you know us, you know we’re pulling out all of our favorite books for the spooky season and gathering new ones to add to the collection. Fall makes reading so fun–doesn’t it? The crisp autumn leaves, cozying under a blanket with apple cider and reading with your favorite kids. Magic!

Check out a few of our favorite picks for fall, including Red Cap artist, Nicholas John Frith‘s newest book, A Werewolf Named Oliver James, which is due out in the US next year.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the UK, you may already have a copy of this awesome release by Nicholas John Frith, which was released there on September 7th. If you’re stuck on this side of the pond, like us, expect to grab a copy on June 26, 2018. BOO..hoo. Rest assured it will be worth the wait! Frith’s previous books, Hello, Mr. Dodo! and Hector and Hummingbird were delightful, and the latter also snagged him the Klaus Flugge Prize!

As for A Werewolf Named Oliver James, see the publisher’s excerpt:

“On his way home one moonlit night, a strange thing happens to Oliver James: he unexpectedly turns into a werewolf! Suddenly, he can run faster than an express train! He can leap higher than tall buildings! He’s stronger than a lion! There’s only one problem: what on earth will his parents say, when he gets home? Nicholas John Frith’s third picture book is a rich, dramatic visual feast – and a wickedly funny romp featuring the most endearing little werewolf imaginable.”

We are so looking forward to it!

The cover alone makes us want to dive into this one. How to Make Friends with a Ghost by Rebecca Green is the sweetest, spooky manual that you will ever need. Closely follow all of the instructions for making a ghost’s acquaintance, not scaring him off, feeding him, bathing him, and most of all, how to have fun with him. This one is a great laugh, and the fun details will charm adults as well. However, make sure your kids are ready to learn what a ghost actually is! This ending is sweet, but transparent. (Pun most definitely intended).

The Scariest Book Ever by Bob Shea is anything but, and will surely delight kids young and old. Brought to you by the artist and author who created The Happiest Book Ever, this one focuses on a tiny ghost who is scared of going into the deep, dark, and anything-but-scary woods. The trailer alone is enough to make you want to scoop this one up:

Last is another project from an amazing publishing house, Flying Eye Books. No Such Thing by Ella Bailey tells the story of skeptical little Georgia, who has an explanation for every spooky occurrence that is occurring in her house. Told with brilliant color in a non-traditional fall palette, the reader is able to one-up Georgia by being privy to the shenanigans of the ghosts long before she is. Adorable and modern–a brilliant read.

Happy reading!
Andie GW Powers





Red Cap Artist Roundup: Jon Klassen, Chris Sasaki, Becca Stadltlander, and Lizzy Stewart September 28, 2017

Our Red Cap artists are our pride and joy and we are always so happy to hear about their achievements and projects! If you’re following them on Twitter or Instagram, you may be privy to their happenings, but if not, see below for some special happenings and announcements from Jon Klassen, Lizzy Stewart, Chris Sasaki and Becca Stadtlander.

First up, for all those lucky kids! The audiobook for I Want My Hat Back is now available on iTunes, here. Kids not into reading? Play it while they’re sleeping! Subliminal learning! Easy-peasy. And don’t forget to check out Jon’s new book with Mac Barnett: The Wolf, the Duck, and The Mouse, available on October 10th!


Up next, we have amazing new news from Red Cap artist, Chris Sasaki (see above).

From the image: “Anne Schwartz at Schwartz & Wade has acquired world rights to Julie Leung’s Paper Son: The Story of Tyrus Wong, illustrated by Chris Sasaki. The picture book biography tells the story of the Chinese-born Aerican designer of Disney’s Bambi, whose impressionistic style inspired generations of illustrators. Publication is planned for Fall 2019.”

Way to go Chris Sasaki! We can’t wait for this undoubtedly beautiful and moving picture book.

In other picture book news, Red Cap artist, Becca Stadtlander and her newest book with Xu Bing has received Publisher’s Weekly‘s second starred review. Fantastic! See below:

“At first glance, Stadtlander’s graceful folk art scenes of American life appear to be accompanied by Chinese calligraphy; readers may be tempted to focus on the artwork and pass the Chinese characters by. But contemporary artist Xu’s “top secret assignment” on the first page explains that the first 12 compositions are the words to American folk songs. With this information and the eventual recognition that the “Chinese” glyphs are built out of stylized Roman letters—“I,” “on,” “my,” and “oh” are pretty easy to read—the characters begin to reveal themselves as blocks of Chinese-style brushstrokes that actually depict English words. The first painting shows men and women at a barn dance. Is it “Skip to My Lou”? (It is.) Once readers get the hang of it, guessing the other songs isn’t too difficult, but it’s plenty rewarding. Although the book is not intended as an introduction to reading Chinese, the process of puzzling out Xu’s word glyphs isn’t unrelated to the mental operation of decoding Chinese characters. Five Chinese songs follow for the truly intrepid, and the lyrics and an explanation of Bing’s writing system appears at the end.” 



If you’re in the mood to just chill out with headphones on, consider “Down the Rabbit Hole” — a podcast which discusses children’s books with the top writers and illustrators in the field. This episode (26th September 2017) features our own Red Cap artist, Lizzy Stewart, who discusses some of the newest releases on the market, plus one of her own! It’s great to hear an artist talk about art. Be sure to make the time!

Congrats to all of our fabulous artists for their amazing achievements. We’ll be keeping up with you!






An Instagram “When’s My Birthday?” Giveaway! September 21, 2017

When’s your birthday?? If you win this giveaway, it could be very soon.

This week, we have partnered up with kid-lit blogger, Avery & Augustine and MacMillan Kids Books, for this very, extra special Instagram giveaway. The giveaway includes a copy of When’s My Birthday? by Julie Fogliano, with illustration by our own Red Cap Cards artist, Christian Robinson, PLUS an assorted set of his new birthday card designs and two rolls of his new gift wrap for Red Cap.

Ready to blow out the candles? See below for all of Avery & Augustine‘s details, and click HERE to enter the giveaway yourself.

Photo by Avery & Augustine

From Avery & Augustine: “When’s My Birthday? is a celebration of the one day each year that kids look forward to with eager anticipation: their birthday.  Julie Fogliano’s words are lovely and exuberant and Christian Robinson’s work is, as always, an absolute delight.  His work evokes the irrepressible joy of childhood: its fun, laughter and effervescence.

We’re partnering with @redcapcards and @macmillankidsbooks to give away an assorted set of 24 birthday cards and 2 rolls of gift wrap featuring new designs by Christian Robinson, along with a copy of the newly released book When’s My Birthday?
This giveaway is open to US residents and ends Sunday, September 24, at 11:59 PM PDT.  The winner will be announced here shortly thereafter.  To enter:

1. Follow @averyandaugustine and @redcapcards.
2. Like this post.
3. Tag a few friends in the comments below (in separate comments).
4. For an extra entry, tell us the best birthday gift you ever received as a kid or a birthday tradition you had in your family.

This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. By entering, you confirm that you are 18+ years of age and that you release Instagram from any and all responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.”





Master’s Showcase: Gustaf Tenggren September 14, 2017

Gustaf Tenggren earns his place in our Master’s Showcase series with ease. The Swedish-American illustrator is surely an inspiration to anyone who appreciates modern design and art, with his trademark fairy-tale style illustration, and bright and detailed characters.

Born in Sweden in 1896, Tenggren received a scholarship in 1910 to the School for Arts and Crafts in Gothenburg, Slöjdföreningens skola, at only 13 years old. Afterward, he began illustrating submissions as a youth, painted decorations for the town theatre, and produced portrait commissions. He eventually sailed for the United States in 1920, and worked in farming until accepting a job offer to work as an art director for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, beginning a stealthy contribution to the the Golden Age of American animation at Walt Disney’s Studios in Los Angeles. From there, he went on create inspirational artwork for many Disney films, and eventually illustrated many children’s books (many Golden Books), such as The Poky Little Puppy, The Shy Little Kitten, Tawny Scrawny Lion and more.

Look below for some of our favorite illustration and artwork by one of our favorite Masters…


When’s My Birthday? September 5, 2017

We are so happy to announce the release of a special collection of celebratory greeting cards and wrapping papers alongside the release of When’s My Birthday? by Julie Fogliano with illustration by our own Christian Robinson from Roaring Brook Press (out in bookstores today!) Click over to his artist page to see more!

PLUS, click here to visit the Official Website for When’s My Birthday?



Our New Fall 2017 Collection September 1, 2017

We are absolutely ecstatic to celebrate our newest collection for Fall 2017! Collaborating with our artists has been such a creative inspiration, and this collection is definitely something to hang the streamers for! From new card and wrap designs based on the illustrations in Christian Robinson’s new book, When’s My Birthday?, to a brand new style of greeting card that we could just “die” for, we are definitely celebrating FUN this season.

New in our design catalog, check out our new style of die-cut love cards just in time for your loved one’s birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and more, and many other gorgeous pieces of work including new greeting cards and wrap from Dinara Mirtalipova, Kate Pugsley, Nicholas John Frith, Danielle Kroll, and Bodil Jane. Scroll below to see some highlights, but make sure to check out our entire collection in shop. Have FUN!

Click here to view Christian Robinson‘s newest collection in conjunction with the release of his new book, When’s My Birthday?






Artist Inspiration: Instagram News Roundup August 24, 2017

What’s new with our amazing artists? What a delight it is to scroll through Instagram and find out what new and exciting projects they are lending their talents to. Whether it’s a sketchbook piece, a new collaboration, or a sneak peek at something brewing–we’re always intrigued and inspired. Scroll below to check out some of the new work and projects that our tight family of collaborators are working on when they’re not doodling for us:

Via Anna Emilia Laitinen‘s gorgeous sketchbook
Abstract landscapes and the rooms that house them: a new painting available for The Enormous Tiny Art Show by Becca Stadtlander
iPhone case for Casetify by Bodil Jane
New dog bedding for Anthropologie by Carolyn Gavin!
Beautiful work by Christian Robinson
Wallpaper by Danielle Kroll for Chasing Paper NYC, part of the Freshly Cut Collection
A sneak peek of the next installment of Triangle by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen
Bugs! A new color palette by Barbara Dziadosz
One of 5 patterns from the new limited edition collection of photo book covers by Kate Pugsley for Chatbooks
Whimsical lovelies by Kelsey Garrity Riley
A throwback illustration by Lesley Barnes for the 2017 Eclipse
Congrats to Lizzy Stewart for winning the Professional Award in the Children’s book category at the Association of Illustrators Awards



Illustrated covers by Dinara Mirtalipova for Carol Ann Duffy’s, The World’s Wife, Feminine Gospels, and Rapture, from Pan Macmillan

Photos as linked above.






Arlo’s Book Club: Back to School August 17, 2017

Arlo is at it again, with some fantastic book picks for your kiddos’ burgeoning imaginations, in this edition of Arlo’s Book Club. If you’re gearing up for the start of school too, and are out picking up pencils, notebooks, and five thousand glue sticks, make sure that you swing by the book store or local library to check these out as well. Our theme is Back to School–but we all know that not everything worthwhile is taught in the classroom. Museums, parks, different countries and cultures, or the outside world can offer an education that is just as important as what is taught in school. Read on for more:

School’s First Day of School
by Adam Rex, with pictures by Christian Robinson
Roaring Book Press, 2016
Suggested ages: Preschool-Grade 1
We are so proud of our own Red Cap Cards artist, Christian Robinson, for this amazing (and adorable) achievement. School’s First Day of School tells the story of Frederick Douglass Elementary, a brand new elementary school who has first-day jitters about having kids attend classes inside of him. Related through conversation with his special friend, the janitor, this creative story is fabulous for any kid who is nervous about starting school, making friends, or expressing their feelings in a group. 

One Thousand Things (Learn with Little Mouse Series)
by Anna Kövecses
Wide Eyed Editions, 2015
Suggested ages: Preschool-Grade 1
This little gem most likely works best for the younger set, but even as adults, we are enamored by the illustration and modern, quirky aesthetic that One Thousand Things displays. Written and illustrated by Hungarian graphic designer, Anna Kövecses, this book teaches children ways to distinguish some common terms, phrases and concepts–one thousand, to be exact. 

There Is a Tribe of Kids
By Lane Smith
Roaring Brook Press, 2016
Suggested Ages: Kindergarten – 3
Winner of the Kate Greenaway award, There Is a Tribe of Kids was written and illustrated by famed illustrator of classic picture books like The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! and The Stinky Cheese Man & other Fairly Stupid Tales. It follows a child on his journey to a “tribe of kids.” On the way he learns the terminology for different groups of animals and other natural wonders, through experience and wonder. A beautiful book.

The Teacher’s Pet
by Anica Mrose Rissi, with illustration by Zachariah O’Hora
Disney-Hyperion, 2017
Suggested ages: 4-7 years
Zachariah O’Hora lends his bold & bright illustration style to a new story in, The Teacher’s Pet, with words by Anica Mrose Rissi. In this story, the children’s teacher, Mr. Stricter, is slightly confused about what constitutes the perfect classroom pet. Kids will feel empowered by having a narrative edge over the grown-up character in the book, and the details are laugh-out-loud. Tongue-in-cheek warning: spicy language abounds with terms like “farts” and “snot-rocket.” Love this one!  

A Funny Thing Happened at the Museum
By Davide Cali and Benjamin Chaud
Chronicle Books, 2017
Suggested ages: 6-9
We’ve included one of Cali & Chaud’s previous installments of the “A Funny Thing Happened…” series in one of our previous Arlo’s Book Clubs (see here) and were excited to find out that another book in the series had been released. A Funny Thing Happened at the Museum picks up with another tall-tale told by extremely unreliable narrator, Henry, about his trip to the museum. The book is over-the-top with wild museum antics and parents can tell kids about certain exhibits as they read through the story. The perfect trickery: kids will learn while laughing!





Artist Spotlight: Bodil Jane August 10, 2017

Two Artist Spotlight posts within the span of three short weeks? Yes, we really are that lucky! Meet Bodil Jane: one of our newest debut artists at Red Cap Cards. Bodil lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her work fosters the same easygoing and colorful mentality that Amsterdam offers, with a dash of capriccio and fun. Read on to learn more about what inspires her (Asian supermarkets, among other things!), her creative process, and the best advice she received when she was just starting out.

Photo by The Adjective
Tell us about your life in Amsterdam. What are your favorite parts about where you live?
I have to say that I’m kind of living a perfect life in Amsterdam! I live in ‘Oost.’ It’s the East of Amsterdam. I live in a beautiful street with old houses and a lot of plants outside and childeren playing. My bike is parked in front of the door and it’s only a 5 minute ride to my studio. My (shared) studio/workspace is situated along the famous Amstel River. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam. And in the summer it’s busy with locals swimming in the river and BBQ-ing along the side. It’s funny, since for a few years people have just used it as some kind of bathing place. They just walk around in swimming suits in the middle of a busy street. I always feel lucky when I’m biking from my home to my studio.. I just love this lifestyle. It feels a bit like a small town
Photo by The Adjective
Amstel River
I see that you attended the School of Design in Copenhagen. That sounds like a dream come true. Do you have any aspirations to live somewhere else again? 
Well, I have to say Copenhagen still appeals to me! Everything is beautiful there! It is very very similar to Amsterdam. If I would have to choose another place to live, it would be there. Or Berlin maybe… I like it when I can bike around like in my home city. Because of my busy job I haven’t had much time for traveling lately. In the spring I will go to Japan with my bf. I can’t wait. One of the things I like the most of being a freelancer is having the freedom to live anywhere. It gives me a feeling of freedom that is priceless! I could go to Bali and live there, or just move to Barcelona if I want. But, at the moment I still love it here!
Photo by The Adjective
What does a typical day look like for you?
I’m very slow in the morning. I take a lot of time for getting up. I like to read or watch the news in the morning. When I’m very lazy I even watch a documentary in the morning. I clean up my place before I leave. I like things to be organized. After biking 5 minutes I arrive at my studio. Normally I have a quick chat with my studio mates and another coffee. During the day I’m very concentrated and very productive. I prefer working only a few hours and completely go ‘in the zone’. In that time I do a lot! I can do a lot of work in a short time when I’m concentrated. Sometimes I even forget to lunch. But I try to take about an hour time to lunch. We have a courtyard here, so when the weather is nice, we eat in the garden. Sometimes I work late and have dinner at my studio (sushi!) but most of the time I’m exhausted by 5. Creating for hours like that is very tiring I think! After that I meet with a friend, go to my boyfriend or go home early to prep a big meal and go to yoga. I like relaxed evenings during the working week.
Photo by The Adjective
Did you always want to be an artist? Did you have any other aspirations?
Yes, I’ve always wanted to be an artist. Or actually I’m not sure if I feel that word applies to me. I make applied art. I feel like I’m almost more like a communicator. Communicating my own or the clients ideas. I didn’t have other aspirations. But I think that has to do with the example that my parents gave me: they are also freelance illustrators / artists.
Photo by Margot van der Krogt
What is your work process like?
When a job comes in I carefully read the brief and do some research. This could be images, reference pictures and colour research. Sometimes I need to read more about the subject (for a newspaper for example). I do quick pencil sketches and send them over to the client. If they like them, I go straight to colour. Working with a mixed media technique: watercolours and digital techniques. As I said, I work very concentrated. I’m not quickly distracted. It’s not like I’m sitting and dreaming in my studio all day, waiting for inspiration ‘to come’. I feel like, it’s more of a job for me. I just make it work every day.
Photo by Margot van der Krogt
What inspires you most? In work? In life?
One time there was a girl who wanted to be a designer asking me (almost desperate): “But, WHERE do you get inspiration from?” I don’t really understand that. It has always come very natural for me! I feel inspired all the time by a lot of things: botanical gardens, museums, flea markets, Asian supermarkets, documentaries, old book shops, fabrics. I can go on for ever! I think during the day I just pick up small bits everywhere. When I work, I just release the them! In life and work I’m mostly inspired by other people (not their art works, but their attitude).
Amstel River
What is your favorite piece of work you’ve created?
Oh that’s a hard one! It’s like picking a favourite baby! But most of the time I’m most happy with the latest work I have created, which is now ‘Moroccan Dreams’ (see below). Last weekend I went through all of my old drawings, and there were also some of those that I really liked. When I see them I can recall the same feeling as I had when I made them.
Moroccan Dreams by Bodil Jane
What was the best piece of advice you were given when starting out?
I have learned that there will not be a point where you feel 100% happy about everything you made, your website, your portfolio or yourself. You will always feel a little insecure about something. But it’s not a reason to not get your work out there. At one point you just have to go for it, and stop doubting yourself. You can’t keep on hiding your art untill a certain moment appears where you feel 100% happy about it. Because that moment will not come.
Do you have any advice for up-and-coming artists and illustrators?
The same one as I got.
Amstel River Map by Bodil Jane
Favorite mediums to work in?
Watercolours, gouache, Indian ink.
Who are your role models in terms of art or otherwise?
I don’t have specific ones. I have a lot of friends and creative people around me that inspire me and help me out sometimes. Also, my parents, who have showed me that the freelance life is possible and you can be successful doing it.
Photo by Margot van der Krogt
If you didn’t work as an artist, what would you be doing?
Probably something that involves yoga and cooking.
Any upcoming projects you’d like to share?
I’m very excited about designing a small collection for Dutch design brand, &Klevering.
Photo by The Adjective
Any pipe-dreams?
So many! I like to do a lot more products, including a rug and fabrics and fashion!
Obligatory Red Cap question: favorite drink?
It’s hard to choose! Coffee with Oatly milk, Fentimans Rose Lemonade, Elderflower Gin & Tonic, a cold white beer on a hot day….
Thank you, Bodil! To view more of Bodil Jane’s work for Red Cap, click over to our shop page, or visit her website.
Also, to see Bodil in action, check out this ‘Illustrator Portrait’ by Lennebelle Petites & Joey van Dongen:

Illustrator Portrait – Bodil Jane for Lennebelle Petites from Joey van Dongen on Vimeo.







Meet Michelle Morin August 3, 2017

In the mood for some inspiration? Check out a sampling from the portfolio of American artist, Michelle Morin. We are very excited to announce that Michelle is collaborating with Red Cap on a line of greeting cards which will be debuting in January of 2018! We fell in love with her watercolor images of a magical world of flora and fauna that few eyes are privy to. Inspired by her longtime work in the horticultural field, Michelle has cultivated a “true relationship with plants, wildlife, and their distinctive habitats.” We can definitely agree. From her beautifully written bio:

With many years designing and maintaining gardens, Michelle has narrowed her primary focus to nature as a subject to reference. She works to convey the beauty and complexities of nature using texture, pattern, and narrative elements throughout her work, which range from elaborate watercolor and gouache compositions on paper to vast and more layered paintings on canvas. Through her travels she continues to seek out inspiration from the natural world while honing in on the unique details that define each place.

Scroll through the images below (those wild boars!), and click over to her website for even more. Looking forward to the new year!



Priscilla Weidlein, Photo by Angel Tucker Artist Spotlight: Priscilla Weidlein July 27, 2017

This week, we are sitting down and having a chat with one of the newest artists in our Red Cap Cards family: American artist, Priscilla Weidlein. Priscilla’s work is a lively celebration of hedonism, nature, and joie d’vivre, full of hypnotic scenes that are full of life and love. Her creative spirit is infectious! We just want to drink it in—and maybe grab a bite of one of her feasts as well! Read on to learn more about Priscilla, her inspiration, work process, and even a bit of advice for artists starting out.

Priscilla Weidlein, Photo by Angel Tucker
Photo by Angel Tucker

Tell us about your life in Rhode Island.
Rhode Island is a delight. I live in Providence, which is a beautiful and lively city (though not without its dingy strip clubs). We’re twenty minutes from the ocean. The fair seasons compel me to be outdoors as much as possible, and in winter I hibernate like a chowder-plump bear. My favorite part of living here is how wholly food is celebrated—my life revolves around cooking with friends.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I like to spend the waking hour outdoors. Ideally I catch the sunrise, then run in the large park nearby; visit the birds and vermin. Then, after my signature breakfast (of egg and anchovy taco) I let the work day roll out however it will: active studio work, emails, visits to the frame shop…whatever is up, I make sure to always set time aside to sit at my drafting table. When the sun comes down, I give my brushes a wash and turn the computer off. My focus turns back to food and who I will share it with.

Priscilla Weidlein studio
Photo by Angel Tucker

Did you always want to be an artist? Did you have any other aspirations?
As a young child I told my parents that I wanted to be an artist, and they responded that I already was one. Isn’t that generous?  I have various entrepreneurial aspirations, all of which are in some way tied to my art practice.

What is your work process like?
I start with a tidy workspace that I proceed to ravage. My paint vials (Dr. PH Martin’s) start in a neat row and end in chaos; fallen chess pieces. I listen to music (right now I’m heavy on Kamaiyah). I can work for hours without noticing time pass. Every so often my leg will fall asleep and I’ll get up, tack my work to the wall and walk away for a tea and newspaper break. The magic of fresh eyes gets me very time.

Priscilla Weidlein studio art
Photo by Angel Tucker

What inspires you most? In work? In life?
Light inspires me—light from the sun, light from people. I observe people and the ways they express themselves, through their physical presentation and the way they treat one another. I draw a lot of inspiration from classic cinema: the fashion, elegance and romance characteristic of bygone eras.

Photo by Angel Tucker

What is your favorite piece of work you’ve created?
I recently had a lot of fun making my Bacchanalia print—I designed it to be the invitation for a racous farm party in Vermont, but alas the party was put off, so I’ve made prints with the design instead. I enjoy its harmless irreverence. You can find the prints for sale on my site.

Bacchanalia by Priscilla Weidlein

What was the best piece of advice you were given when starting out?
In my early 20s I had a great mentor, a painter in New York, who told me to draw and paint every single day! And keep going! And keep going! That was my mantra starting out. I started a drawing a day series called “Dear Diary,” which led me to my first gallery show.

I Believe In You by Priscilla Weidlein

Favorite mediums to work in?
I love anything that allows me to achieve super-saturated color on paper. I work mostly in watercolor, for all its depth and subtlety. Right now I’m hungry to work some larger scale projects, possibly in oil. I’m attracted by the glop factor.

Photo by Angel Tucker

Who are your role models in terms of art or otherwise?
Louise BourgeoisMaira Kalman, and every friend I’ve ever had.

If you didn’t work as an artist, what would you be doing?
I’d like to host splendid, glittering dinner parties ’round the clock. To cook impossible feasts. How to monetize this?

Indoor Dining by Priscilla Weidlein
Indoor Dining by Priscilla Weidlein

Any upcoming projects you’d like to share?
Yes! I’m soon to start work on a series of wine labels for a fantastic Italian natural wine maker! This has been a decade long dream.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming artists and illustrators?
Surround yourself with people who energize you…with people who lift you right up!

Grape Snack by Priscilla Weidlein
Grape Snack by Priscilla Weidlein

Any pipe-dreams?
I’d like to have approximately 1,000 dogs. My qualm with the term pipe-dream is that it suggests the dream is unrealistic (I’m a Sagittarius). But here’s one I love: my friends and I dream of going in on some land together by the sea, where we can have work spaces and host summits and grow big, old gardens.

Ciao Bambino by Priscilla Weidlein
Ciao Bambino by Priscilla Weidlein

Obligatory Red Cap question: favorite drink?
Pét-nat! My heart goes to the fizzing, fermenting, lively stuff…

Thank you, Priscilla! To view more work by Priscilla, visit her website or see her work for Red Cap in our online shop.




Shops We Love: McNally Jackson Books & Goods for the Study July 20, 2017
Photo by @xixicafe

Today is a special double-header Shops We Love, as we pick up our series with New York City book and stationery retailer, McNally Jackson Books and its two protégé shops, Goods for the Study. All three of these fantastic shops carry our goods and we are delighted to introduce them to you.

First up, is the original, an independent bookseller, publisher, and printer: McNally Jackson Books. You could get lost in this treasure-trove of tomes, plus catch events by the hottest contemporary writers. “A place where you can read books, buy books, write books, and talk about books. And now a place where you can make books, too.” With their Espresso Book machine, you can create on-demand paperbacks for gifts, cataloguing ideas, and more. Visit, read, and have fun.

Photo by Yvonne Brooks
Photo by Yvonne Brooks
Photo by Yvonne Brooks
Holiday window display. Photo by Yvonne Brooks
Photo by @xixicafe
Photo by @xixicafe
Photo by @xixicafe
Photo by @xixicafe
Photo by @mlss.k
Photo by @loisklee
Photo by @bigcitytyro
Photo by @sydneylapin

Go visit McNally Jackson:
McNally Jackson Books
52 Prince Street
New York, NY

Or, follow McNally Jackson on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM

Up next are the “spin-off” shops of McNally Jackson Books: Goods for the Study (1 and 2). They have just opened a second location (yippee!) of fabulous, up-scale, sophisticated goods for the office, workspace, creative studio, and more. From cards, notebooks, paper, and beautiful necessities, we spy so many of our favorite artists and designers, and could spend hours (and a bunch of cash) in such a dreamy space. If you’re in the area, make sure to drop by one of these shops and see it for yourself.

Photo by @goodsforthestudy
Via @goodsforthestudy of a linocut by @hannahcousins
Photo by @goodsforthestudy
Photo by @goodsforthestudy
Photo via @goodsforthestudy by @dd3photo
Photo by @goodsforthestudy
Photo by @goodsforthestudy
Photo by @goodsforthestudy

Go visit Goods for the Study:
Goods for the Study 
234 Mulberry Street
New York, NY
50 West 8th Street
New York, NY
Or, follow McNally Jackson on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM

Thank you McNally Jackson & Goods for the Study! 












Children’s Book Inspiration: Botanical Worlds July 14, 2017

“The Wild Flower’s Song” by William Blake

As I wander’d the forest,
The green leaves among,
I heard a wild flower
Singing a song.

I slept in the Earth
In the silent night,
I murmur’d my fears
And I felt delight.

In the morning I went
As rosy as morn,
To seek for new joy;
But O! met with scorn.

We are especially fond of all things wild: foliage, botanicals, wildflowers, umbrage. Nothing is more beautiful than nature’s palette, and in turn, artistic depictions of it. Today, we are excited to show some love to artists of the botanical–whether they be floral designers, artists, or picture book illustrators. Look below for some of our favorites, and make sure you go for a walk outdoors soon to soak it all in.

First up, Pittsburgh’s The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers, whose Instagram is a constant source of floral inspiration. We were so inspired by their photos, that we paid homage to them in Carolyn Gavin‘s Red Cap Cards collection:

Courtesy The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers Instagram
Courtesy The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers Instagram
New Artists: Carolyn Gavin
Heart Shaped Glasses by Carolyn Gavin for Red Cap Cards
New Artists: Carolyn Gavin
Vintage Birthday Bouquet by Carolyn Gavin for Red Cap Cards

by Emily Hughes
Emily Hughes’s story about a feral girl who is taken from her “wild” life and placed into modern society is full of glorious landscapes and visual worlds that are brimming with beautiful foliage and woodsy willows. Hughes is a genius at capturing devil-may-care landscapes, and this one takes the cake.

Miss Rumphius
Story and pictures by Barbara Cooney

This classic picture book tells the tale of Alice, who finds her way through travels and life experiences to her life purpose: planting beauty (via purple lupine) wherever she goes. Barbara Cooney is a master illustrator (you can see her Master’s Showcase here) and she depicts the North American tundra with colorful precision. 

by Blexbolex
This stunning, modern children’s design book offers illustrations on all matter of the seasons, from firefighters to snow, to Spring Fever and torrent. The modern depictions of the natural world are fascinating! Plus, this one allows children’ imaginations to grow and connect concepts via a main theme.

The Dead Bird 
by Margaret Wise Brown with illustration by our own Red Cap Cards artist, Christian Robinson

This classic M.W. Brown picture book features a story that focuses on the opposite of natural growth: natural death. In the story, children witness nature’s ebb and flow, from life, to growth, to death, and to a return to the earth. The children pick flowers to place on the little dead bird’s grave, and we learn about the beautiful process of death and dying.

A Child’s Garden of Verses
by Robert Louis Stevenson with illustration by Gyo Fujisawa
Another classic, this collection of poems includes sweet stories about childhood, the outdoors, and the magic of the world. The illustrations by Gyo Fujisawa are meticulously curated, with details to rival your own garden.

Over in the Meadow 
by John Longstaff with illustration by Feodor Rojankovsky
Over in the Meadow is an illustrative journey through the meadow and the homes of the animals who live there. From foxes to birds, to spiders and chipmunks, the animals and insects of the meadow rely on this botanical wonderland for their livelihood. Gorgeous illustrations by Feodor Rojankovsky detail prose by John Longstaff.

I Can Fly
by Ruth Krauss with illustration by Mary Blair
Another example of modern illustration comes from this classic Golden Book by Ruth Krauss, with illustration by Mary Blair. Mary Blair is a favorite of ours (see her Master’s Showcase here), and we love her bold and modern depictions of the lively outdoors. Pastel florals, vibrant meadowscapes, and colorfully simplistic arrangements make I Can Fly come alive. 

Another exciting botanical wonder: Work by upcoming Red Cap Cards artist, Strange Dirt! See below:

The Nostalgia Vintage Blue Print by Strange Dirt
“Modern Eden” by Strange Dirt
“Good Chemistry” by Strange Dirt












A Peek at Our Artists on Instagram July 7, 2017

We are in the midst of summer! We hope you are enjoying the life-giving rays and beautiful days. If you’re on the beach or sitting, sipping cocktails poolside, make sure to scroll through some of the amazing artwork that our artists are offering up on Instagram. We picked a sampling of a few great photos of work by our Red Cap artists from the past week to suit your fancy. Click the link below each photo for more, and make sure to follow us (@redcapcards). Happy browsing!

Summertime by Barbara Dziadosz
Becca Stadtlander
Photo by @flojeux of Bodil Jane‘s “Modan Gaaru” print next to a print by Isabelle Feliu
Happy Birthday to Frida by Carolyn Gavin
Christian Robinson
Danielle Kroll
New cover by Josie Portillo for The Crowstarver
Red White and Blue berries by Kelsey Garrity-Riley
Sketchbook drawing by Dinara Mirtalipova
Patti Smith by Yelena Bryksenkova for the 2018 Fiercely Female wall calendar from Source Books, available July 1st
Kate Pugsley
4th of July Red Cap Cards sale Happy Birthday, America! July 3, 2017
4th of July Red Cap Cards sale
“Fruits” by Kate Pugsley for Red Cap Cards

Happy Birthday, America! Don’t forget about our special sale that we have going on through midnight on the 5th of July. Use code CELEBRATE for 25% off of your online order. Have a sparkling  and safe Independence Day!!

Thursday Inspiration: Fantastic Fiber Artists June 29, 2017

Every once in a while, we like to give love to artists who work outside of the grid of our usual medium of illustration. In the world of fine art, we admire fiber artists so much, and each of our little team has a tapestry or two hanging on our walls at home.  Today, we wanted to showcase a group of fantastic artists that are keeping our inspiration heightened and our walls oh-so-touchy feely. Read more about them out below:

Judit Just is a perfect example of what happens when fiber and magic combine. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Judit now calls Asheville, North Carolina home, where she designs and assembles her fiber tapestries. We love the bold use of color and mixed textures she uses to create her work. For more insight into her method and studio space, click over to Design*Sponge for a wonderful studio tour, where we learned that Judit’s strongest sense is touch, which contributes to her love of all things tactile, due to the fact that she wears glasses and is deaf in one ear. Check out these fantastic bursts of color:

Photos above courtesy of Judit Just.

Another artist we’ve been bookmarking lately is the amazing Lauren Williams of Boho by Lauren. Her signature style is a mix of modern and bohemian, combining a soft “flowy” tapestry with jagged lines of rigid-cut, dip-dyed fiber, and metal ribbon. Some tapestries are even dipped one strand at a time! Each tapestry conveys a different mood and each has a different story to tell. Follow her on Instagram for more! 

Photos above courtesy of Boho by Lauren.

Not to be outdone by the great fiber artists of the contemporary scene, our own Red Cap Cards artists have gotten in on the game a few times. Check out these Node Rugs, designed by our own Jon Klassen and Lesley Barnes! Not only are they designed by two brilliant artists, they are handmade by Nepalese rug makers who are founder members of Fair Trade Nepal. Employees are taught literacy and skills, and in addition to fair wages their work supports a school of 260 children and an orphanage of nineteen.

Limited Edition Node Rug by Jon Klassen
Limited Edition Node Rug by Lesley Barnes

Photos above courtesy of Node Rugs.

Last but not least, Maryanne Moodie‘s loom work is the most delicious looking work just short of a birthday cake. If you haven’t checked out her recent book, On the Loom, we highly recommend you check it out. Full of useful tips for creating your own fiber works of art, it’s also an exercise in stargazing, because each of her pieces are absolutely breathtaking. Follow her on Instagram for some awesome sneak peeks, and if you’re lucky enough to be anywhere near her Melbourne or Brooklyn studios, do yourself a favor and take a roving workshop to try your hand at these gorgeous art form.

Photos above courtesy of Maryanne Moodie.








Priscilla Weidlein & Marsha Robinson: Two Shows You Don’t Want to Miss June 23, 2017

Who’s in the mood for a cross-country trip to check out two fabulous art shows by two inspirational and talented artists? We are too! Pack your bags for Providence and Denver, because you won’t want to miss these.

First up, we are so proud of Red Cap Cards artist, Priscilla Weidlein, and her opening at Little Bitte, presented by World’s Fair. “But Now With Feeling” showcases watercolors by Weidlein and handblown glass by Peán Doubulyu.
We want to live inside one of these dream-like scenes. And those plants.

Click to her artist page to view Priscilla’s work for Red Cap and check out some photos from this fantastic-looking event, which happened last night, below:

World’s Fair Presents “But Now With Feeling”
News works by Priscilla Weidlein & Peandoubulya Glass
Little Bitte
268 Broadway
Providence, Rhode Island

Next up: this weekend is the opening reception for a special friend and upcoming Red Cap artist, Marsha Robinson (aka Strange Dirt). Marsha has been working hard on this exhibit for the last six months, and we are sure it will be such a treat to behold. Marsha’s intricate work depicting gorgeous botanicals and prismatic detailing are absolutely breathtaking.

Another major project on the horizon is Marsha’s collection release that will be happening in the 2018 New Year! Keep in touch for more news on her release. We can’t wait!

Strange Dirt Marsha Robinson

“I Am Her”
Works by Marsha Robinson aka Strange Dirt

Saturday, June 24th 6pm-10pm
at Svper Ordinary
3350 Brighton Blvd. #120
Denver, CO 80216

See you there!  SaveSave










3 Fabulous Things from Red Cap Artists June 15, 2017

We are constantly cheerleading our Red Cap artists from the sidelines, and every once in a while we like to share some of the things that they are working on, besides making beautiful work for us! This week, we are excited to show you a brand, new picture book trailer, a fabulous wheelchair fashion accessory, and the coolest business card we’ve seen in a while. See below for more.

*Also, don’t forget that this Sunday is Father’s Day! Make sure to make the father in your life feel special! Click over to our previous post for some inspiration on how to make the day awesome.

Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett are at it again, working their literary magic for children with The Wolf, The Duck, and the Mouse. We can’t wait for this one and were happy to find such a fun book trailer to go along with it. We love you, Jon!

“When a woeful mouse is swallowed by a wolf, he quickly learns he is not alone: a duck has already set up digs, and, boy, has that duck got it figured out! Turns out it’s pretty nice in there, with delicious food and elegant table settings, courtesy of the wolf’s unchecked gluttony. And there’s something even better: no more fear of being eaten by a wolf! In fact, life is pretty good, until a hunter shows up. . . . With a nod to traditional fables and a wink to the reader, the award-winning Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen offer a tale of cooperation and creative cuisine that is sure to go down easy.” – Candlewick Press

Red Cap Cards artist, Jon Klassen, and author Mac Barnett in the belly of the wolf

In fashion news, Red Cap artist, Bodil Jane, is causing a ruckus with her luxuriously-illustrated spoke guards from Izzy Wheels. How cool is this? Folks who use wheelchairs can dress them up and be a moving work of art. We especially love the title: Girls Make the World Go Round. We’re waiting for rim art…

Girls Make the World Go Round by Bodil Jane


Last but not least, some design inspiration for your Thursday. Check out these business cards by Lesley Barnes for the East London Comics & Arts Festival (#ELCAF2017). Wouldn’t you love to be handed one of these? We’d keep it forever, and use it as a bookmark. Proof positive that nothing needs to be boring. Even a Thursday. Have fun!


June 18th is Father’s Day! June 9, 2017


Father's Day With Red Cap Cards
Father’s Things by Carolyn Gavin

Father’s Day is a little over a week away, and we hope you remember to treat your father, father-figure, baby-daddy, or doggie-dad (I could go on and on) with as much love and attention as possible. Moms get the bulk of the adoration when it comes to National Holidays, but we have to remember our awesome dads as well: like this one, this onethis one, and of course, this one.

We’re so excited about one of our newest Father’s Day card (above) by Carolyn Gavin and all of the amazing work that our artist collaborators have given us. Check out a little collage below of some of our cards for dear-old-Dad, or click here to view the entire Father’s Day Collection. Happy Father’s Day, have a cocktail for us, Dad!

Father's Day with Red Cap Cards
Clockwise from top: Classic Dad by Danielle Kroll, Charming Father by Dinara Mirtalipova, Underwater Father by Anna Emilia Laitinen, Father’s Den by Yelena Bryksenkova, Dad’s Motorhome by Sarah Burwash, Daddy Bear by Chris Sasaki, Dinosaur Dad by Nicholas John Frith, Father’s Day Trumpet by Lizzy Stewart
Girl Squad: Fun at NSS With A Few of Our Amazing Artists June 1, 2017

Happy June!! We had the opportunity to have a quick getaway to New York City this past week to attend the National Stationery Show (NSS). We had a great time hanging out with a few of our collaborators: Kelsey Garrity-Riley, Danielle Kroll, Kate Pugsley, Priscilla Weidlein and Emily Isabella (upcoming collection for 2018!).

It’s amazing to be in the company of such talented and inspiring women and artists. And, it’s also fun to scroll through their blogs and Instagrams to get a glimpse of some of the fresh ideas they are working on for themselves, clients, or other projects. Check out some of the work that gave us heart-eyes below, and follow them!

“Forever wanting to illustrate an old British murder mystery. 🕵🏼‍♀️” –Kelsey Garrity-Riley An excellent story is lurking in this illustration.
Kelsey Garrity-Riley
“Mermaid bathing suit from [Kate Pugsley‘s] collaboration with @lazzaristore!” Wouldn’t you LOVE one of these??
“Working on something summery” –Kate Pugsley
Makes us want to drink currant wine…”Pity to dine indoors, once fair May. But the company is good, so what the hell.” –Priscilla Weidlein
Priscilla Weidlein created this image based on Rudy Jude’s season 2 lookbook. @rudyjudeco
“A few 💎 from my collection” –Danielle Kroll
Work by Danielle Kroll created for @fieldtripshow
“From painting to fabric to thousands of tiny loops in a rug” by Emily Isabella. If only we could make fiber cards!!
Bird textile by Emily Isabella
New Release! Welcome Bodil Jane & Priscilla Weidlein May 23, 2017

Are you ready for this? We’ve just released our two brand new designs by artists, Bodil Jane and Priscilla Weidlein in their debut collections for Red Cap Cards!

Our May 2017 catalog is hot off the presses and we can’t wait to share it with you. On top of the new collections by these two fabulous artists, we are also featuring new holiday cards and wrap from Kate Pugsley, Nicholas John Frith, Becca Stadtlander, and Kelsey Garrity-Riley, as well as a bestsellers section to show off our most popular picks.

Check out a few sneak peeks of the card designs, holiday wrapping sheets, and some tidbits about our new artists below. For more of our holiday goodies, new wrap designs and more, click over to the catalog on ISUU or download it directly, here.

Have fun, and welcome, Bodil and Priscilla!

About Bodil Jane: Bodil Jane (1990, Amsterdam) is an illustrator from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She graduated with honors from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, specializing in illustration (2014). She loves to illustrate food, people, animals, fashion, interiors, plants, packages and maps. All of her illustrations include hand made elements and digital techniques. Bodil Jane is represented by Folio, an illustration agency based in central London.

‘Bodil Jane’ is a combination of a first name and a second name. Bodil doesn’t use her last name for her illustration work. Full credits are: Bodil Jane. Bodil is a Danish name and means ‘female warrior’.

A bit about Priscilla: Priscilla Weidlein is an American illustrator and designer living in Rhode Island. She creates images for brands, magazines, stationery, and private commission. Painted with watercolor, her work is a lively celebration of hedonism, nature, and joie d’vivre.

Holiday Fun!

New Artist Sneak Peek: Bodil Jane May 8, 2017

We couldn’t mention one of our new artists, Priscilla Weidlein, without showing off another one! Bodil Jane is one of our brand new collaborators and we can’t wait to introduce her designs this month. Bodil Jane’s work is sensual and wild and detailed–an absolutely beautiful addition to our collection.

A bit about the artist, from her website: Bodil Jane is an illustrator from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She loves to illustrate food, recipes, animals, fashion, interiors, plants, packages and maps. All of her illustrations include hand made elements and digital techniques. Follow her on Instagram to see her current projects and work in progress, and see below for some lovely images of her past work. How about those room images–getting excited?

New Artist Sneak Peek: Priscilla Weidlein May 4, 2017

We are oh-so-excited to show you a little sneak peek of one of our brand new artists, Priscilla Weidlein. With a bold, femme-fatale style, Priscilla’s work for Red Cap is something we have been looking forward to for a while and we have absolutely fallen in love with every one of her pieces. They are sexy, vibrant, and it seems that a thousand stories lay behind each image. Keep a look out here on our blog for other new artists as well!

A little bit about Priscilla: she is an artist/illustrator based in Providence, Rhode Island and works on commission doing branding and editorial work, stationery design, and an array of custom projects. We are so excited to have her as part of our little Red Cap team–keep a look out for her Artist Spotlight, hopefully coming soon! Scroll below for some awesome work by Priscilla, just to wet your palate.

Artist News Roundup: Meg Hunt & Jon Klassen April 27, 2017

We checked in with a few of our artists today to find out what fun and exciting things they’ve been working on and found a few special treats to highlight: a vibrant animation, an LA event, and a new children’s book in the works.

First up, we’ve fallen in love with this animation, entitled “Transplant” by Red Cap Cards artist, Meg Hunt and P. Murphy for Portland’s Design Week event, DRAEMS. The animation features the flower and the eye as two traditional dream elements, which come together to create a surreal and lovely story. View Meg Hunt’s designs for Red Cap, here.

Transplant from PMurphy on Vimeo.

Also notable this week, if you are in the LA area, don’t miss out on Red Cap artist, Jon Klassen‘s event with collaborator, Mac Barnett. They will be at The Pop Hop Books & Print for a Triangle reading and signing on Sunday, April 30th at 3pm. If you haven’t had a chance to read Triangle yet, this might be the moment you’ve been waiting for.

And a sneak peek to get you excited (we definitely are!). Check out this cover for Jon and Mac’s new collaboration which will be out this fall: The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse. That color palette!

“I may have been swallowed,” said the duck, “but I have no intention of being eaten.” 

We can’t wait! Follow Meg and Jon on Twitter for more news.

Hello, Mr Dodo by Nicholas John Frith Three Red Cap Artists’ Books For Your Spring Holiday April 20, 2017

Bees are buzzing, daffodils are sprouting, and you’re hopefully planning a lovely rendezvous somewhere even warmer than where you currently reside. When you hop on a plane or ferry or train, make sure that you pack something to read for every age group. A few selections with beautiful work by Red Cap Cards artists stood out to us as books that need to go in the carry-on. Read on for more:

Hello, Mr Dodo by Nicholas John Frith
Hello, Mr. Dodo! by Red Cap Cards artist, Nicholas John Frith

Red Cap Cards artist, Nicholas John Frith‘s brand new picture book, Hello, Mr. Dodo! is bright as-can-be and the perfect story for kids. The illustration is reminiscent of Bernard Waber with a modern twist and an eye-candy color palette. It tells the story of Martha, and her new friend with a taste for fried pastry –a Dodo bird– who is thought to have been extinct. It’s a sweet story (pun intended!) Also, if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Frith’s first picture book, Hector and Hummingbird, make sure to pick that one up as well!

For the older set, make sure to check out The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley with absolutely gorgeous cover art by Red Cap Cards artist, Josie Portillo. Written for the middle grade audience, this story will captivate all ages, including adults. In the novel, we meet Ada, a handicapped 10-year old, who makes her way to the English countryside to avoid the bombing of London in World War II. There are plenty of plot twists and fabulous elements about the story that we won’t spoil, but you’ll want to read this one quickly, as it’s sequel, The War I Finally Won, is due out in October of 2017! See below.

Cover Artwork by Red Cap Cards artist, Josie Portillo
Cover artwork by Red Cap Cards artist, Josie Portillo

Lastly, the follow-up to Red Cap artist, Lesley Barnes‘s debut picture book, Jill & Dragon, is out now. Jill & Lion tells the story of our heroine, Jill, and her new adventure with a sad lion whose tears are blurring the pages! We love the story and the end-pages are to die for (see below)!

Jill & Lion by Lesley Barnes
Jill & Lion endpages

And don’t forget to check out the amazing work that these three artists have created especially for Red Cap. Click here to view cards by Nicholas John Frith, here for work by Josie Portillo, and here for Lesley Barnes. Happy Spring reading!

If These Walls Could Talk: Red Cap Dollhouse Wallpaper April 13, 2017

Do you love miniatures as much as I do? How about designer wallpaper? Recently, I decided to create an Easter surprise for my daughter, Alice, by refashioning a customized birdhouse we used for our wedding cards into a dollhouse she can use for her bunny family. I had to reign myself in from buying deluxe Eames miniatures (come on, she’s two) and adding on rooms to accommodate their lifestyles–good luck if you need a restroom, bunnies!–but I did decide to splurge on that wallpaper. I’ve been searching for the perfect toile for my real-life house for years, so when Danielle released her beautiful River Toile Wrap, I decided to live vicariously through those little bunnies.

Plus, I was delighted to learn about another house which was also wallpapered to perfection, using Yelena Bryksenkova’s Moth Magic Wrap, by the talented Lauren Duarte. I love this little scene Look at Blythe’s little Moth Magic Notebook! She is way cooler than us all. See below. Check out Lauren’s Instagram for some dollhouses that will give you design envy.

Moth Magic Wrap by Yelena Bryksenkova. Dollhouse by Lauren Duarte
Moth Magic Wrap by Yelena Bryksenkova. Dollhouse by Lauren Duarte

To create the interiors for a little house like this, you will need:

    • a House! I popped the back wall off of the house and installed mini tap lights into the detachable roof because it has no windows to let light in.
    • Modpodge and a glue brush (see image below). I used matte modpodge and applied under and on top of the paper to set it, and protect it from sticky fingers for years to come.
    • The paper, of course. I used one sheet of Danielle Kroll’s River Toile.
    • Woodgrain contact paper for the flooring.
    • Dollhouse furniture. I ordered mine from Hape and painted over some of the colors with white acrylic.
    • Floor and tile samples from Home Depot for the room separator. Shhh…don’t tell.
    • A tiny Persian rug, because yes.
    • A large metal washer and some scrap yarn to make the woven wall hanging.

See below for a few more pictures of the tiny space to get your creativity flowing, and check out all of our wrapping sheets (and your future dollhouse wallpaper?) in our shop section.

Happy creating!


April is National Letter Writing Month April 7, 2017

April is here, and you know what that means…yes! It’s National Letter Writing Month and we hope you are participating in the Write_On Campaign just like last year. If you need a few reasons to write, the Campaign has got some great ideas up on their website. Get the stamps on those envelopes, kids!

2017 Write_On Kit

Plus, if you missed it, click back over to Red Cap Cards’s Designer Q&A with the Write_On campaign. Have fun, and happy writing!

New Cards on Paperless Post! April 5, 2017

There is value to a handwritten letter…but there is also value to any thoughtfully written note from a friend—sent by telegram, snail mail, or even email. Paperless Post is our favorite way to send online correspondence while easily retaining the elegance of an enveloped notation.

We’re so happy to have brand new designs by Danielle Kroll (and more!) on Paperless Post. For a couple of “coins,” you can send friends and loved ones a Red Cap card, invite, or  directly into their email inbox. Click over to our friends at Paperless Post to see all of our sendable, digital designs, or click the photos below for a direct link. Thank you so much, Paperless Post!

Arlo’s Book Club: Fresh Pickings for Spring March 31, 2017

Brand new books are blooming all around, and we are excited to present you with another edition of Arlo’s Book Club! This time around, we are looking at fresh pickings for Spring, and focusing on character. Character is perhaps the most important element in children’s storytelling. It teaches kids about the world and people around them, how to make good decisions and how to be brave and silly. We picked a few books that exemplify how creating a great character can really take the reader soaring. Take a look, and happy reading!

by Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen
The newest collaboration from Mac Barnett and our own Red Cap artist, Jon Klassen, is about a mischievous little triangle and the lengths he’ll go for a laugh. We also meet his foil, a Square, who teaches kids a valuable lesson about going with the flow. Of course, we’re in love with the illustration–classic Klassen, conveying depth and expression with darker, shaded colors, plus a few pops of icy blue that refreshes the page. Pick this one up right away!

Du Iz Tak?
by Carson Ellis
We could go on and on about the merits of Du Is Tak? by Carson Ellis. The story is centered on a group of insects who live in a colorful and intricate outdoor world. The real character in this book, however, is the language. The little bugs speak no human language, and we as the reader are tasked with using the illustration to decode their speech, like a child might learn to decode ours. By the end of the story, we are fluent in their language. A brilliant, fantastical story.


Antoinette (Gaston & Friends)
by Kelly DiPucchio and Christian Robinson
It’s finally here! The “sequel” to Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio and Red Cap Cards artist, Christian Robinson, is entitled Antoinette, and tells the story of Gaston’s future spouse and her quest to find herself. We get to see more of the city of Paris (fun!) and follow Antoinette as she finds out that everyone has a talent, and that hers is very important. We’re so glad to see these sweet faces again.

North, South, East, West
by Margaret Wise Brown with illustration by Greg Pizzoli
It’s difficult for Margaret Wise Brown to do wrong in our eyes, and we were delighted to see that her story was recently refreshed and reprinted with illustration by our pal, Greg Pizzoli. North, South, East, West tells the story of a sweet little bird who leaves the nest for adventure and then finds her way back home. This one is for anyone with a wandering soul.

My Dad Used to Be so Cool
by Keith Negley
A little boy is suspicious that his dad used to be cool. How do we know? We get a glimpse of a few hints: a motorcycle collecting leaves in the driveway, a drum kit hidden away in the closet, sleeve tattoos and loud music. Bursting with color and sweet-as-can-be, this story allows the reader in on a secret that little boy never does figure out: that his dad used to be “cool” but would give it all up for love. We adore this one from author/illustrator, Keith Negley.