Art in the Every Day: Illustration Inspiration

June 5, 2013

There is art in the every day, as evidenced by the lovely illustrations below. Simple people, doing simple tasks, happily.

Lately, we've been exploring the bountiful and inspiring world of art and illustration (okay, and maybe some other fun stuff) on Pinterest. It's amazing what stories you can find if you just take a look! We've been inspired by Pinterest boards filled with colorful illustrations from around the globe, and through time (vintage!). We could spend hours pinning and pinning. Could you? Find our “Illustration for Days” board and start treasure hunting with us!

illustrations from Red Cap Cards' Pinterest
Clockwise from top left: 1. Ryo Takemasa 2. Rhona Garvin
3. Annick Delhumeau 4. Rhona Garvin 5. Marcus Walters 6. Hanna Warren

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