Here Comes Summer: Positive Vibes on Instagram by Red Cap Artists

June 27, 2019

Here comes summer,
Here comes summer,
Chirping robin, budding rose.
Here comes summer,
Here comes summer,
Gentle showers, summer clothes.
Here comes summer,
Here comes summer—
Whoosh—shiver—there it goes.

-Shel Silverstein

Summer is here! But not for long…hold tight to summer! Grab up all of that sun and love and positive energy while you can! We are really feeling all of the bright and happy work we are seeing by our Red Cap artists on Instagram, and wanted to spread some of the love here. If you’re not following these folks on Instagram–make it a priority! Click the links below the images to be taken to their accounts. Happy Summer!!

Summer travels–amazing painted piece by Krista Perry. “Salvation Mountain is a magical place and I loved it so much, I commissioned myself to make a painting for Rob and I to hang in our space.”
The freshest bite. By Barbara Dziadosz
Summery sweet patches by Bodil Jane, available from Patchy Tigers
A sneak peek from a show by Carolyn Gavin at Dianna Witte Gallery
Solid summer (and all the time) advice from Daren Thomas Magee
Sweet, summer strawberries by Emily Isabella
A serene cactus scene for the summer solstice by Kate Pugsley
Sunny “Hope” print by Marsha Robinson, with this incredible story: “This particular piece of work is special to me because throughout the process of creating it I had set the intention to use my work for healing. Before this piece became to be my will was tested and I was fighting for my life. With the help of my family, community, medicine and of Spirit my body found the strength to fight for me and I prevailed. I was changed to the core and so did my work. Everyone has the ability to heal and I’ve made it my responsibility, as an Artist, to use my gift to inspire love, harmony and health ♡ I humbly offer to you my form of plant medicine ⚚” They’re sold out, but definitely check out here site, here.
Hornet Life by Michelle Morin
Beautiful work-in-progress by Dinara Mirtalipova
Perfect summer. Perfect stink. by Priscilla Weidlein
Refreshed. By Yelena Bryksenkova