Just a Few More Days: Gift Wrap Sale!

May 1, 2019
Pictured: Succulent Garden Wrap by Bodil Jane

If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, you may know that we are half-way through our gift wrap sale and you definitely don’t want you to miss out! Through Sunday, enjoy 25% off wrapping paper with code SPRING19 at checkout! That includes retail and wholesale orders.

Take a look below for just a few of the fun papers that get us so excited. And get even more excited–there are even more designs to come in our upcoming release! You won’t want to miss them! Stay tuned…

Strawberry Patch Wrap by Krista Perry
Snow Day Wrap by Kate Pugsley
Blue Poinsettia Wrap by Danielle Kroll
From left: Lovely Tulips by Yelena Brykseknova, Magic Hour, Paradise Wrap and Sexy Kitten by Kate Pugsley, Tropical Jungle by Carolyn Gavin, and Swimmers Wrap by Kate Pugsley
Rainbow Chains Wrap by Krista Perry
From top: Magic Hour by Kate Pugsley, Strawberry Patch by Krista Perry, Succulent Garden by Bodil Jane, Tiny Roses by Danielle Kroll, Lucky Wrap and Love me Tender by Krista Perry
Birthday Dream Wrap by Emily Isabella
Tiny Roses Wrap by Danielle Kroll
Love Me Tender Wrap by Krista Perry
From left: Love Me Tender by Krista Perry, Lovely Tulips by Yelena Bryksenkova, Succulent Garden by Bodil Jane, Lucky Wrap by Krista Perry, Confetti by Kate Pugsley, Brocade Bird by Danielle Kroll, Rainbow Chains and Groovy Bloom by Krista Perry
Clippings Wrap by Emily Isabella
Moon and Stars Wrap by Becca Stadtlander
Santa Chimney and Building Snowman by Nicholas John Frith, Blue Poinsettia by Danielle Kroll, Santa Camper by Bodil Jane, Holiday Moss by Kelsey Garrity Riley, Christmas Poodle by Bodil Jane, and Holiday Gnomes by Kelsey Garrity Riley
Moth Magic by Yelena Bryksenkova