Life In “Picnic” by Sarah Burwash

May 1, 2014

We thought it would be lots of fun to bring a few of our cards to “real life.” These little illustrations bring so much life and love to everyone who views them–so wouldn't it be fun to stage a physical representation of them?? Our first in this series is “Picnic” by Sarah Burwash. It's warm and sunny outside, the perfect time for a picnic! Especially if you're going to barbecue! See below for our take on “Picnic.”

Life In Picnic by Sarah Burwash from Red Cap Cards

1. The first thing you'll need: a good ole' traditional picnic basket. This one looks like it would sneak a few bottles of Prosecco!
2. Plus, the perfect picnic statement: a stripey, boatneck shirt for a mid-summer European look.
3. This pattern brings it all to life in Sarah's illustration: a must-have for all picnics.
4. Ahh and the traditional picnic charcuterie: hot dogs on the grill! Bonus: these dogs come with a croissant!
5. If you're a bit more subtle in your picnic blanket packing, or prefer to layer textiles–we love this Dutch blanket.
6. And last but not least, a favorite piece of the illustration: the cute little picnic bikes. This is a fun Italian beach bike, via Babble/

Images as linked above.