Master’s Showcase: Gustaf Tenggren

September 14, 2017

Gustaf Tenggren earns his place in our Master’s Showcase series with ease. The Swedish-American illustrator is surely an inspiration to anyone who appreciates modern design and art, with his trademark fairy-tale style illustration, and bright and detailed characters.

Born in Sweden in 1896, Tenggren received a scholarship in 1910 to the School for Arts and Crafts in Gothenburg, Slöjdföreningens skola, at only 13 years old. Afterward, he began illustrating submissions as a youth, painted decorations for the town theatre, and produced portrait commissions. He eventually sailed for the United States in 1920, and worked in farming until accepting a job offer to work as an art director for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, beginning a stealthy contribution to the the Golden Age of American animation at Walt Disney’s Studios in Los Angeles. From there, he went on create inspirational artwork for many Disney films, and eventually illustrated many children’s books (many Golden Books), such as The Poky Little Puppy, The Shy Little Kitten, Tawny Scrawny Lion and more.

Look below for some of our favorite illustration and artwork by one of our favorite Masters…