Mermaid Dreams + Krista’s Creative Process

April 18, 2019

Lucky us! Two fantastically fun things this week in one post, from two talented Red Cap artists: Kate Pugsley and Krista Perry. This week, we are excited to be showing off Kate’s brand new children’s book from Tundra Books, Mermaid Dreams, plus an inspirational artistic process tutorial from Krista Perry. Read on for more!

Have you caught a glimpse of Kate Pugsley’s new book, Mermaid Dreams? We are entranced! Full of color, brilliant sea creatures, and with an embossed cover (oh my, check out that detail) this is one we are going to pick up for certain! Am I the only one that held my ankles together in the pool as I swam and pretended to be a mermaid? It probably looked more like flailing than swimming, but the magic was there, right!?

The story: “One sunny Saturday, Maya and her parents visit the beach. Maya loves the beach: the warm sand feels wonderful between her toes. But it would be more fun if she had a friend. Too shy to say hello, Maya watches the kids play nearby, and slowly her eyes droop closed . . . When Maya awakens she has been transported to a magical underwater world. Maya admires the sea creatures flitting around her, and she discovers that she too has a beautiful tail. Maya is a mermaid! But who is calling out a greeting from behind that coral? Whose bright eyes are peering at her from the sea grass? Whose laughter does she hear? Could it be a new friend? Or just another sea creature?

Mermaid Dreams by Kate Pugsley, Tundra Books, 2019. Preorder now–the book comes out on April 30th. We can’t wait to get our hands on it! The perfect gift to get a little reader ready for those summer swims.

Up next, how amazing to have a little in-progress tutorial from RCC artist, Krista Perry! Each of our artist’s processes are so different and we love being a fly on the wall, able to catch a glimpse and learn a thing or two. Krista offered to guide us through her process in the creation of  a personal piece, and we jumped at the chance… Take a look below, and thank you, Krista!

From Krista: The steps that I use to make a painting can be extensive, but nonetheless rewarding! I usually start with a couple quick thumbnails and then turn them into a finished drawing. When I’m sketching for a new painting, I usually have a pretty solid color scheme in mind, but still make color studies just in case experimenting with color changes my mind. Color studies also make the painting process easier to begin because you’re essentially making a color-by-number for yourself.

After drawing or printing my sketch to the size I’d like, I transfer it to the surface. I like to use red Saral brand transfer paper! Next, I paint all of the solid colors in. With most paintings, I’ll paint small details and line work last. This is a fairly straight forward technique that I’ve been following ever since I was in art school.

All of my Red Cap Cards work also follow these steps! I love working like this because it keeps me easily organized so I can focus on the best part — painting! KP

1. Sketch
2. Color Study
3. Transfer to panel.
4. Starting Painting
5. Progress
6. Colors finished.
7. Adding line work.
8. Finished piece!

See videos of her process on our Instagram stories today, and definitely follow Kate and Krista for even more inspiration and art.