New Artist Spotlight: Melissa Castrillon and Stewart Francis Easton + New Work from Daren Thomas Magee

November 13, 2020

Here at RCC, we have held these three new, special collections close to our hearts since March, waiting for a moment when the sun could shine on them. We feel that normalcy might not be too far away, and wanted to open the door to some joy and love. We are so excited to announce three new collections for RCC, including two new artists: the extraordinary Melissa Castrillon and Stewart Francis Easton–not to mention an out-of-this-world collection by seasoned RCC artist, Daren Thomas Magee. Step inside the worlds of Melissa and Stewart below, and don’t miss some new in-studio photos with Daren as well. We are so happy you are here. Keep the love flowing.

An English-Colombian illustrator from the UK, Melissa brings her experience in cover design, illustration, screen printing and other fine arts to her exquisite collection. Melissa’s work is vibrant and layered, as if we are looking from a villa window into a magical world with balanced, yet wild composure. Each intricately illustrated detail tiers one on top of the other creating an image that is nearly toile-esque. Be sure to take a look at her layering process below in some in-progress shots.

You may know Melissa’s work from her wide variety of published illustration and book covers, as well as herpicture books, The Balcony, a look into a little girl’s lush and magical garden. Plus Mighty Minan extraordinary adventure about a small but mighty little girl. Take a look at another highlight–the recently released Phillip Pullman gift edition series His Dark Materials set. Could anything be more glorious? Those put stars in our eyes! (See photos below).  

We got to take a little peak into Melissa’s workspace, photos of her creative process and more:

“I was so over the moon when Red Cap asked me to make a collection for them! I’ve always admired their cards and never thought I’d be included in the mix of the amazing artists they have on their list. So when it came to designing the collection I wanted to have a range of all the things I felt are strong in my work, such as bold and punchy colour combos, hidden details, interesting compositions. The inspiration I take from the natural world is a constant in my work as well as exploring organic shapes and twisting and changing them to make familiar but unfamiliar forms is something I will always love to do.” -Melissa Castrillon

“Even though I  started designing these cards before this year I feel that because of how 2020 has panned out for the world, the theme of strength, power, and positivity within this collection has come at a time where we need those messages most. I hope that they inject even a little bit more brightness into those who see them.” -MC

Melissa’s studio.

A peek of her published works.

Some in-process work shots for the RCC collection:

Amazing illustration and book cover work by Melissa Castrillon for Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy gift edition


Melissa’s third authored and illustrated picture book, Can You Keep a Secret (below) comes out in March 2021 with Alison Green books–a follow-up to Mighty Min. Both books are printed in glorious, bold spot-color, which will definitely highlight Melissa’s signature palettes. Also, her first illustrated science book will be released in April 2021 with Walker Books (UK) and later in the year with Candlewick (US). The book is written by the amazing Physicist Jess Wade who has spent her life tirelessly advocating for women in science and getting more young girls into science. The book is called NANO: The Spectacular Science of the Very, Very Small.

.   .   .  

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the fascinating abstract artist, Stewart Francis Easton. Stewart currently lives in London, UK and works across many disciplines, including stitching, fiber arts, painting, drawing and digital media. He has shown work both nationally and internationally with pieces in private collections, and is currently hard at work at his passions: embroidery as meditation (embroidery every day for long periods of time as a purifying practice), the counterculture, and mid-century inspired shapes.

Stewart’s work embodies a playful spirit while giving a nod to mid-century design and architecture. His abstract and colorful shapes burst into form after they are cut, rearranged, and re-envisioned. While we have been lucky enough to print his collage works in this new collection, Stewart’s innovative and awe-inspiring embroideries are a highlight of his body of work, with bright, thoughtful colors and raw geometric fun.

On top of all that genius, he likes new age music, spirit jazz, psychedelia and hand-cut shapes, and we can’t wait to introduce him to you. Have fun!

The Glass Bead Game, Nucleus, Portland , Oct – November. 2017. View more here

The Glass Bead Game, 2017, inspired by work by Herman Hesse
The Glass Bead Game, 2017, inspired by work by Herman Hesse
The Glass Bead Game, 2017, inspired by work by Herman Hesse

Fevral – A folklore. View more here.

Part of the Fevral – a Folklore show

Lobsang Rampa, The Third Eye

.   .   .  

And not to be outdone, the amazing Daren Thomas Magee. See below for some new in-studio and process photos. His work is a channel to what we all should aspire to be. Thank you, Daren!