Shops We Love: Tiny Feast

March 6, 2014

Shops We Love: Tiny Feast
Photo via Tiny Feast

Why not take a moment to revel in the details of daily life? A lovely motto from a lovely shop–we love Tiny Feast! Husband-and-wife team, Drex Serduletz and Danika Bock, have curated a space of “tiny feasts”–little daily satisfactions that enhance the beauty and sincerity of life. Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Tiny Feast carries a variety of internationally sourced products (including Red Cap Cards!)

Shops We Love: Tiny Feast
Photo via Tiny Feast Instagram

Why the name? “It's a metaphor that we use to describe a variety of things that feel celebratory, lavish, almost extravagant – yet are intrinsically simple and useful, and therefore justifiably attainable on a personal, everyday level. The beauty of a hand-written thank you note; the satisfaction of a good pencil; the pleasure of a thoughtful gift, given or received,” -Serduletz + Bock.

Shops We Love: Tiny Feast
Shops We Love: Tiny Feast
Photos via Tiny Feast

Plus, another reason to love them–their little pup and shop mascot, Sammy. Part-fox, part-dog (just kidding, he's just a dog), Sammy even has his own Instagram and is quite the adorable entertainer.

Shops We Love: Tiny Feast
Photo via Sammy's Instagram

See more of Drex + Danika on their website, Tiny Feast, or in this great interview we found with Muddy Waters Magazine (plus some gorgeous photos too!)

Tiny Feast
217 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 0S2 Canada
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