Shops We Love: Urbanic Paper Boutique

November 14, 2013

You know when you discover a shop, and you just can't get enough of the brilliant adorableness that is going on inside of it? Urbanic Paper Boutique, one of our Red Cap Cards stockists, is one of these shops! We just can't get enough of all of their great ideas, beautiful displays and awesome products. They are definitely one of those shops that you pop in to grab a card and end up coming out with a shopping bag full of creative treasures.

Urbanic shop for Red Cap Cards

Their website is currently being developed, but in the meantime you can check out their pop-up shop, here, or swing by in person! Plus, sometimes they even offer classes (like that gorgeous looking Calligraphy right above!). If you are in the Venice area, definitely take time to check them out and say hello for us!

Urbanic Paper Boutique
1644 Abbot Blvd.
Venice, California 90291
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Images courtesy Urbanic Paper Boutique