Sister | Sister : Marsha and Michelle Robinson Pictorial

April 4, 2019

We wanted to write a post just to celebrate the amazingness of these two! Marsha and Michelle Robinson are twin-sisters and are both fine artists. Marsha Robinson (aka Strange Dirt) is a Denver-based RCC artist, with a beautiful collection of cards that we just can’t get enough of. Her work plays with the line between fluidity and order, and combines an architectural quality with nature and earth.

Michelle Robinson is a Seattle-based fine artist who utilizes boldly-colored geometric shapes and metallics to honor beautiful, organic bodies and abstract shapes and forms. Each artist creates work that is vastly unique to themselves, and because of this, we are so enamored by the fact that they are twins! How much talent can fit in a womb?

The artists have a joint art show coming up in June–more details on that to come, so stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy the work of Marsha (top) and Michelle Robinson (bottom) below, and do visit their websites for more, linked above and below.

Marsha Robinson


Michelle Robinson


And we had to show off a few of our Red Cap Cards by Marsha Robinson as well! You can view her entire collection for RCC, here. Take a look below:

All images of Marsha Robinson and her work, courtesy her Instagram and website
All images of Michelle Robinson and her work, courtesy her Instagram and website