Arlo’s Book Club: The Fantasy Edition

May 25, 2016

It’s time for another edition of (not secretly) our favorite series: Arlo’s Book Club. This week, whimsy is the name of the game, with princesses, ghosts and ice cream rocket ships. We’re also excited to be presenting books written and/or illustrated by THREE of our Red Cap illustrators.

Arlo's Book Club for Red Cap Cards. The whimsy edition
Arlo's Book Club for Red Cap Cards. The whimsy edition

1. Ice Cream Work by Naoshi. We were lucky enough to attend the debut and signing of Ice Cream Work last week, and picked up our copy! Ice Cream Work is a fantastical little gem of a book by our pal, Naoshi. This book as all the toppings–adorable instructions on how to create your own sunae plus tasty treats on every page!

2. Pavo and the Princess by Evaline Ness, winner of the Caldecott Medal for Sam, Bangs & Moonshine (Owlet Book). We especially love this book because the gorgeous illustrations were created with the ancient art of woodcutting. Brilliant color and intricate detail illustrate a tale about an ice cold princess and her peacock, Pavo, who was given to her by her father to see if she might able to love and be loved in return. We won’t spoil it for you!

3. Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett with illustrations by Christian Robinson. How many lovely things can we say about this book? Besides the fact that Leo is a ghost, he is a tender ghost and wishes to feel loved. He seeks to be appreciated and finds a friend named Jane who is just his cup of tea. Loving Leo, loving Christian’s illustrations!

4. Flyaway by Lesley Barnes. This one is so reminiscent of Pavo and the Princess, and written and illustrated by a member of our Red Cap family, Lesley Barnes! Here’s the scoop : a young princess has a bird which she keeps trapped in a cage. One day, the bird escapes and she chases it round the castle and out into the garden. She manages to catch it but, realizing that the bird wants to be free, she lets him go, and is rewarded when he comes back to visit her.” The book also comes with interactive elements and cut-outs that compliment its bold, bright illustration style. We love it! Plus, you can find some glorious vintage editions online.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next edition of Arlo’s Book Club, and happy reading!