Celebrating 15 Years! January 20, 2020

Everything changed for Hal and I in 2005. It was the year we got married and the year we gave birth to our first baby: Red Cap Cards. Our concept was simple–to create work we love with the people we love. So we did! Now, fifteen years later, we are surrounded by friends, family, collaborators, and colleagues, creating work that is a celebration of love and connection. We are humbled and honored to share the work of so many talented artists. RCC has since received recognition as a true innovator within our industry, thanks to each artist’s unique vision and perspective.

Thank you all for your support over these sweet fifteen years. We are truly grateful for all the love that you have shared with us. We hope that 2020 brings you all health, happiness, and great joy.
From our hearts to yours. 

Keep the love flowing,

Life in Kitty Carols by Christian Robinson December 13, 2018

Time to take a look at one of our favorite Red Cap cards through the “real-life” lens! Our Life In posts are some of the most fun to play with and this one was just as sweet. Kitty Carols by Christian Robinson for Red Cap cards has been making holiday smiles for years, and today is no different. Check out the fun we had below! 

• Three little kitties required for this scene: one grey, one striped, and one orange. Fun fact: most orange cats are male!
• Some boughs of holly. Or in this case, fir.
• A sweet, mid-century piano stool, but you’ll have to custom cover this one with that blue pin stripe!
• An upright piano, of course!
• A vintage, holiday piano song book.
Life In Father's Day Trumpet by Lizzy Stewart February 26, 2016

How long has it been since we did a “Life In…” post?? Quite a while, from our standards. So we thought we'd jump right back into it with one of our newest designs from Red Cap artist, Lizzy Stewart: Life in Father's Day Trumpet. You've got a little under three months until Father's Day comes around, but who says we can't celebrate early? And with wonderful woodland creatures? Check out below what you'll need to pull off Life in Life in Father's Day Trumpet.

Life in Father's Day Trumpet blog post
Life In Father's Day Trumpet blog post

• Hey Dad–got a beard? Dye it red. Don't have one? Grow one!
• Trumpet your way to the best Father's Day you can make.
• Vulpes vulpes
• Leporidae Sylvilagus
• Bluebird on your shoulder!
• Simple, cozy: socks.
• Hipster dads wear suspenders.
• Squeak!

Life in “Two Kids and a Lion” by Lesley Barnes June 4, 2015

It's been a while since we've done a “Life In…” post, and we are oh-so-delighted to add a new design to the list. Lesley Barnes's newest collection for Red Cap is a fan favorite and we couldn't wait to bring it to life with Two Kids and a Lion. Now, let us warn you that bringing a lion to a birthday party is probably a bad idea. That is, unless you're Melanie Griffith. Have you seen Roar? Actually, no. It's still a bad idea. So let this be the closest that you get to a jungle party.

Life in Two Kids and a Lion by Red Cap Cards @redcapcards

Happy Birthday! As a nod to our new foil collection, we wanted to include these Gold Foil festive balloons for a perfect “happy birthday” decoration at your party.
• Stripes-a-go-go! Grab a paper party hat for you, your pals and your lion.
• The king of the jungle himself. Lesley's illustration looks much more friendly…
• Don't forget your party dress and a slice of cake. What's a party without cake?? From Lesley's work on “The Animal Zoo” by Gabby Dawnay for OKIDO Magazine.
• Can't have enough balloons. No siree bob.

Grab your card by Lesley Barnes on our website, here. Have fun…ROAR!


Life in “Kee Lox” by Lizzy Stewart March 25, 2015

Life in Kee Lox, a greeting card by Lizzy Stewart for Red Cap Cards @redcapcards

Do you have any vintage collections? We love this little still life illustration by Red Cap artist, Lizzy Stewart, called Kee Lox, named after the pictured typewriter ribbon. A little collection of vintage odds and ends–so delightful, and just perfect to be featured as our latest Life In… collage, imagining some of our card designs as real-life scenes.

To see this card on our website, click here and check out our Artist Spotlight interview with Lizzy, here.

Okay, guys–which card should we do next?

Life in Kee Lox, a greeting card by Lizzy Stewart for Red Cap Cards @redcapcards

Life In Christmas Fireplace by Kelsey Garrity-Riley December 1, 2014

Now that it's December–officially the holiday season, we can feel the warmth and joy in the air! Our 'Life In…' posts are some of the most fun to write-up, and we are happy to share a brand new holiday edition with you!

Kelsey Garrity-Riley's “Christmas Fireplace” just about sums up the holidays for us: a warm fire, decorated cookies, packages from loved ones and a happy glow. Take a look below to see how we re-envisioned “Christmas Fireplace” in real life.

Life in Christmas Fireplace by Kelsey Garrity-Riley for @redcapcards

Life in Christmas Fireplace by Kelsey Garrity-Riley for @redcapcards

1. The holidays are not all about presents, but they can be a little bit, right? Don't forget your favorite friends and loved ones. We love these simple brown paper packages, tied up with strings.

2. The perfect wreath–grab this one from Target.

3. It's not always easy to come across a smiling deer bust, mounted perfectly on a vintage crest, so we love that this one exists! Available from Uncommon Goods.

4. Get cozy by the fireplace this winter, and if you don't have a fireplace, you can always just fake it!

5. Leave your cookies and milk (or milk alternative!) out for Santa on this classy galvanized steel tray.

6. The perfect Kilim Rug to curl up on in front of the fire.

7. Don't eat those! They're for Santa! Sweet treats to share or snack on. Try this recipe for gingerbread snowflakes!

8. Last but not least, some very looonng stockings–perfect for stuffing full of holiday goodies.

Life in “Fall” by Sarah Burwash October 15, 2014

Don't you just love Fall? The card and the season? Leaves are falling, pumpkins are being picked and it's getting close to the time that you can light a fire in your fireplace. We're taking Sarah Burwash's “Fall” thank you card and flipping it into real life, so we can all live in a tiny, happy Autumn paradise. See below for your ticket to autumn harvest and sweet, sweet flannel:

Fall by Sarah Burwash for Red Cap Cards @redcapcards
Life in 'Fall' by Sarah Burwash for Red Cap Cards @redcapcards

1. Pick your pie and cider apples in style. We love this modern stepladder from
2. Decorative gourd-ing in stripes! Hip, stripey shirt from Joe Fresh.
3. Whippet, whippet good. Don't forget your favorite buddy! Pups love jumping around in fall foliage too!
4. Make sure you chop up some wood before it gets too soggy out there. Mmmm cedar.
5. The most stylish chopping axe you can possibly find: the American Felling Axe from Best Made Company. Comes in many styles and colors!
6. A sea of flannel. It's important.
7. Don't forget your knit Steve Zissou beanie! It's a must-have. (For most seasons, really).
8. Rake up those leaves, then ruin it by jumping into the pile and making a mess! You'll love it.
9. The guest of honor. Visit your local pumpkin patch for a few fat, orange friends.
10. Last but not least, don't forget the apples! It's the tastiest season and oh-so-fun to pick yourselves. Call us when you've baked a few pies.

Life in “Blowing Balloons” by Nicholas John Frith September 4, 2014

Oh, how we love our “Life In…” posts. If “Life in Teacup Cat” didn't satisfy you, we have a new still-life in honor of the newest member of our Red Cap family: Nicholas John Frith!

It's birthday time–we're sure you know someone who was born in September! Get lost in this collage for “Life in Blowing Balloons” and grab your card here.

Life in Blowing Balloons by Nicholas John Frith for Red Cap Cards

Clockwise from top left:
• Balloons! No party is complete without them. Make sure to to get enough to spell out “Happy Birthday!” (that's thirteen, folks!)
• Down to party business: grab a black cone party hat for a sophisticated affair. Bonus if it has a tie-string.
• Next up, letters for sticking onto your balloons! H-A-P-P-Y …
• This party has a very specific color palette. If you want to be authentic, better get to painting that party room!
• Last but not least, stripey fun! Try this shirt on for size.

Images as linked above.

Life In “Teacup Cat” by Anke Weckmann July 17, 2014

These “Life In” posts are so fun to make! This time we wanted to play around with Anke Weckmann's whimsical sweetness in her Teacup Cat birthday card! Everyone needs a bit of silly whimsy in their day!

Life in Teacup Cat by Anke Weckmann for Red Cap Cards

1. Toot Sweet Large Aqua Stripe Plate from Meri Meri. Makes the perfect backdrop for a cat in a teacup, right?
2. No party would be complete without the cupcakes! Try these Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes from Brown Eyed Baker.
3. A stripey touch: Teal Stripey Cupcake Liners from on Etsy.
4. Fiesta ware! Grab a Flamingo teacup from Everything Kitchens.
5. Don't forget the kitty! Lots of these guys waiting at your local shelters for a cupcake to be placed lovingly on their head.
6. Last but not least: the perfect candle. Find these at Bake It Pretty.

Grab your Teacup Cat in our shop section, and check out more work by Anke Weckmann on her artist page.

Images as linked above.

Life In “Mom's Chair” by Josie Portillo May 29, 2014

Did you happen to see our first “Life In..” post? If not, make sure to click over to check out “Life in Sarah Burwash's Picnic.” We love entering whimsically into an illustration and imaging what the scene would be like in reality! Today, we're focusing on our brand new artist, Josie Portillo, and her piece “Mom's Chair.” So cozy up, grab a cup of tea and enter Josie's serene world, illustrated just for Mom!

Mom's Chair by Josie Portillo for Red Cap Cards

Life in 'Mom's Chair' by Josie Portillo for Red Cap Cards

1. Cozy for any room–the Indigo Stripe Rug from Crate and Barrel.
2. The chair itself! This vintage wrought iron dining chair will do the trick, from Verdibou on Etsy.
3. Journal or novella? You decide!
4. A lovely Salvaged Wood Dining Table for tea and talks, from Modern Furniture Warehouse.
5. The cutest, sleeping pup at your feet! Find your new forever friend at your local shelter.
6. Clean and simple: a white ceramic tea cup. This one, from
Enjoying Tea.
7. And last but not least, a classy Cast Iron Teapot. This one from Nabu 93.

Images as linked above.

Life In “Picnic” by Sarah Burwash May 1, 2014

We thought it would be lots of fun to bring a few of our cards to “real life.” These little illustrations bring so much life and love to everyone who views them–so wouldn't it be fun to stage a physical representation of them?? Our first in this series is “Picnic” by Sarah Burwash. It's warm and sunny outside, the perfect time for a picnic! Especially if you're going to barbecue! See below for our take on “Picnic.”

Life In Picnic by Sarah Burwash from Red Cap Cards

1. The first thing you'll need: a good ole' traditional picnic basket. This one looks like it would sneak a few bottles of Prosecco!
2. Plus, the perfect picnic statement: a stripey, boatneck shirt for a mid-summer European look.
3. This pattern brings it all to life in Sarah's illustration: a must-have for all picnics.
4. Ahh and the traditional picnic charcuterie: hot dogs on the grill! Bonus: these dogs come with a croissant!
5. If you're a bit more subtle in your picnic blanket packing, or prefer to layer textiles–we love this Dutch blanket.
6. And last but not least, a favorite piece of the illustration: the cute little picnic bikes. This is a fun Italian beach bike, via Babble/

Images as linked above.