Fun News! Red Cap Cards in Frankie Magazine June 6, 2019

We are so happy to report that Red Cap Cards is making an appearance the newest issue (90) of Frankie magazine! We love you, Frankie! For those of you in Australia–guess what!–you don’t have to wait. Pop over to your favorite fantastic newsstand and pick up a copy of Issue 90. For those of us stateside, we sadly need to wait just a teeny bit longer to catch this issue. The issue lands in the states on August 12th. OR, if you can’t wait, just order a copy here and they’ll ship it right out to you!

In this issue, Daren Thomas Magee‘s awesome card, “You’re Doing Great,” is being featured for it’s positive and inspirational attitude. Doesn’t it just make you feel good? “Positivity and support is crucial. I feel like there can never be an over abundance of it. The aim of my work is to give some one the chance to feel good about themselves. Even if it’s in the smallest way, it can have a big impact. And the ripple from that is immeasurable. A simple positive affirmation can do a world of good no matter who is giving it or who is receiving it.” –Daren Thomas Magee  We love you, Daren!
Check out the rest of the issue too, with some other stellar articles like the victorian-era language of flowers, a cool recipe zine, a section on inspirational folks’ positive life mottos, and more. Take a peek! 


Red Cap Cards in Bright Lite Magazine! March 13, 2019

The newest, long-awaited issue of Bright Lite magazine has finally arrived in the mailbox! This month, Bright Lite features four amazing and talented female Red Cap artists in their colorful and gorgeous, matte pages, as they discuss art, life, and mental health. If you haven’t taken a look inside this treasure trove–definitely get to your newsstand quickly!! Bright Lite is an independent magazine created for girls, ages 10 – 16, and we are so inspired by the the magazine’s mission. Here’s a bit about them straight from the source:

Every issue, we strive to give young girls a place to express their experiences and reflections on a central theme. We, at Bright Lite, strongly believe that it is never too early to start communicating and connecting with one another.

Our bi-annual magazine will be a collection of submissions from girls all over the world, including photos, interviews, articles, recipes, crafts, journals, music and advice curated just for them.

Bright Lite is a safe space for you, me and everyone else. This is a place where you can express your thoughts, feelings and everything in between. We’re kind of like a giant shared journal.

This month, the central theme is HEALTH. We had the pleasure of interviewing Kate Pugsley, Bodil Jane, Krista Perry, and Dinara Mirtalipova to discuss how art helps to center their lives and work as women and artists. Definitely pick up Issue 8 and check out the interviews, plus so so much more, like an amazing coloring page by Krista Perry, recipes, comics, articles and more. ALSO, make sure to take a peek at their super-cool website which has fun quizzes, horoscopes, stories and articles that are so fun and inspiring for young girls.

Thank you so much, Bright Lite, for including us in this issue. You are a sparkling gem!! See below for some pictures of this amazing new issue: