The Lauren and Arlo Show (aka The Show With No Name) + 2 Fun Things

July 19, 2018

We are in the middle of the dog days of summer, and I don’t know about all the kids out there, but we are in need of a hot weather pick-me-up. Enter: The Show With No Name, aka The Lauren and Arlo Show! Keeping it weird on YouTube, the super talented and hilarious Lauren Duarte has […]

Artist Roundup: In-Progress

July 12, 2018

Nothing makes us more excited than seeing our artists in action! In-progress shots are such a wonderful way for us to connect with their artistic processes and it allows us to experience the artist’s viewpoint which is usually kept oh-so-secret. Whether you are an artist yourself, an admirer, or a curator, it’s hard to deny the magic […]

Celebrate the 4th with 25% Off!

July 4, 2018

Flags are waving, pools are splashing…Happy 4th of July! Make sure to take some time during your holiday between hot dogs & fireworks to make an order here and earn 25% off with code “CELEBRATE” at checkout. The offer expires at midnight on the 5th, so get cracking! Have a wonderful time, and #keeptheloveflowing. Festive […]

An Intro to Emily Isabella

June 29, 2018

Coming up this summer, have we got a treat for you! We are delighted to give you a quick sneak peek of a new artist that will be debuting this August. Illustrator and pattern designer, Emily Isabella lives and works near New York City, and has had amazing collaborations with companies like Kate Spade, Anthropologie, Hygge & West, […]

Artist Spotlight: Krista Perry

June 21, 2018

My goodness, Krista Perry is a true gem. This interview had us in stitches!! What a creative and artistic soul. Krista Perry is the newest member of our Red Cap family, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic! From her vibrant, retro-inspired color palette to her imaginative wellspring of ideas, Krista adds a new perspective to […]

A Big Thank You

June 13, 2018

We wanted to say a big thank you to all of our friends and loved ones who made their way out to The Social Type for our Summer Soirée featuring the new Summer 2018 collection with a debut by Krista Perry! It was such a magical night, filled with hot dogs, cocktails, and fabulous company. […]

Don’t Forget: Summer Soirée this Saturday

June 7, 2018

One last reminder to tie a string around that index finger! This Saturday, from 5-9pm, join us for a special Summer Soirée at The Social Type in celebration of our new summer collection, and a debut collection by Krista Perry! Show up for a cocktail, a hot dog, and a mingle with some of your […]

Summer 2018, Here We Come!

May 30, 2018

Did you get a chance to check out our new Summer 2018 catalog?? It is packed full of jaw-dropping new work by all of our favorite Red Cap artists, plus an entirely new collection by debut artist, Krista Perry. New die-cut cards that make our hearts skip a beat, plus a new holiday collection to […]

“The Stepmother”

May 23, 2018

Red Cap Cards is proud present, “The Stepmother.” It is the first in our Keep the Love Flowing (#keeptheloveflowing) film series, starring Arlo Mertz and Lauren Duarte. Directed by Carrie Gifford, the film was shot and edited by Earl and Echo, with original music by Jayden Lee. Costumes by Shop Gordon, with hair and makeup by […]

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Keep the Love Flowing

May 18, 2018

Perhaps you’ve been noticing that we’ve been repeating a certain phrase a lot lately. Keep the love flowing: a simple sentiment that we have found ourselves living by for a while, in our day-to-day projects and overall life and work outlook. Its origins are special, however, and not just a simple hashtag we stumbled upon. […]