Artist Spotlight: Emily Isabella

September 13, 2018

If you haven’t had the opportunity to take a good look at artist, Emily Isabella‘s new collection for Red Cap Cards, definitely make the time to take a look at her bright, beautiful, and sometimes cheeky work!  Nothing thrills us more than sharing our artists’ personalities and unique perspectives, and we are happy to have […]

Artist Spotlight: Krista Perry

June 21, 2018

My goodness, Krista Perry is a true gem. This interview had us in stitches!! What a creative and artistic soul. Krista Perry is the newest member of our Red Cap family, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic! From her vibrant, retro-inspired color palette to her imaginative wellspring of ideas, Krista adds a new perspective to […]

Artist Spotlight: Michelle Morin

April 19, 2018

“I am easily influenced by the seasons; they truly dictate how I spend my free time. Come spring I am taken over with gardening plans. My desk becomes a heap of seed catalogs and garden schematics. In the summer all I can think about is hiking, kayaking, camping, and swimming with my dog. Then fall […]

Artist Spotlight: Marsha Robinson

February 8, 2018

“The black ink is the blood of my work. It gives my pieces life. They become so alive…you could almost hear a heart beat.” –Marsha Robinson We are beyond thrilled to finally have Marsha Robinson‘s beautiful and intricate botanical abstracts as a part of our Red Cap collection. Marsha lives and works in Denver, Colorado, […]

Artist Spotlight: Bodil Jane

August 10, 2017

Two Artist Spotlight posts within the span of three short weeks? Yes, we really are that lucky! Meet Bodil Jane: one of our newest debut artists at Red Cap Cards. Bodil lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her work fosters the same easygoing and colorful mentality that Amsterdam offers, with a dash of capriccio […]

Artist Spotlight: Priscilla Weidlein

July 27, 2017

This week, we are sitting down and having a chat with one of the newest artists in our Red Cap Cards family: American artist, Priscilla Weidlein. Priscilla’s work is a lively celebration of hedonism, nature, and joie d’vivre, full of hypnotic scenes that are full of life and love. Her creative spirit is infectious! We just want […]

Priscilla Weidlein, Photo by Angel Tucker

Artist Spotlight: Danielle Kroll

February 21, 2017

It’s finally time for another Artist Spotlight, and we are so thrilled! We are pleased to introduce Danielle Kroll to our Red Cap Cards family. A Brooklyn-based artist and designer, Danielle brings a feminine chicness with a hint of play to the Red Cap roster. Debuting with eighteen new cards and six new wrapping sheet styles, Danielle […]

Artist Spotlight: Carolyn Gavin

July 14, 2016

If you’ve been following along with our Artist Spotlight series, then you are in for a real treat! Today, we celebrate one of the newest members to the Red Cap family: artist, Carolyn Gavin. From bright bouquets in watercolor and gouache, to sweet kittens and unbelievable upcoming gift wrap designs, Carolyn has added a such […]

Artist Spotlight: Kate Pugsley

June 23, 2016

It’s a delight to feature one of our newest artists, Kate Pugsley, on our blog today in the Artist’s Spotlight hotseat Not only is she a fantastic artist, but she’s an inspiring human being as well. From her vibrant patterns, greeting cards, and prints–you can pretty much immerse yourself in Kate’s work on a daily […]

Artist Spotlight: Barbara Dziadosz

May 27, 2016

Did you happen to notice that our site is brand new and improved?! What a roller coaster ride! We are proud to announce our brand, new and improved website. A celebration seems in order–and with that, a brand new Artist Spotlight interview. This time, with new Red Cap family member and illustrator extraordinaire, Barbara Dziadosz. […]

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