Celebrating 15 Years!

January 20, 2020

Everything changed for Hal and I in 2005. It was the year we got married and the year we gave birth to our first baby: Red Cap Cards. Our concept was simple–to create work we love with the people we love. So we did! Now, fifteen years later, we are surrounded by friends, family, collaborators, […]

Life in Kitty Carols by Christian Robinson

December 13, 2018

Time to take a look at one of our favorite Red Cap cards through the “real-life” lens! Our Life In posts are some of the most fun to play with and this one was just as sweet. Kitty Carols by Christian Robinson for Red Cap cards has been making holiday smiles for years, and today […]

Life In Father's Day Trumpet by Lizzy Stewart

February 26, 2016

How long has it been since we did a “Life In…” post?? Quite a while, from our standards. So we thought we'd jump right back into it with one of our newest designs from Red Cap artist, Lizzy Stewart: Life in Father's Day Trumpet. You've got a little under three months until Father's Day comes […]

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Life in “Two Kids and a Lion” by Lesley Barnes

June 4, 2015

It's been a while since we've done a “Life In…” post, and we are oh-so-delighted to add a new design to the list. Lesley Barnes's newest collection for Red Cap is a fan favorite and we couldn't wait to bring it to life with Two Kids and a Lion. Now, let us warn you that […]

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Life in “Kee Lox” by Lizzy Stewart

March 25, 2015

Do you have any vintage collections? We love this little still life illustration by Red Cap artist, Lizzy Stewart, called Kee Lox, named after the pictured typewriter ribbon. A little collection of vintage odds and ends–so delightful, and just perfect to be featured as our latest Life In… collage, imagining some of our card designs […]

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Life In Christmas Fireplace by Kelsey Garrity-Riley

December 1, 2014

Now that it's December–officially the holiday season, we can feel the warmth and joy in the air! Our 'Life In…' posts are some of the most fun to write-up, and we are happy to share a brand new holiday edition with you! Kelsey Garrity-Riley's “Christmas Fireplace” just about sums up the holidays for us: a […]

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Life in “Fall” by Sarah Burwash

October 15, 2014

Don't you just love Fall? The card and the season? Leaves are falling, pumpkins are being picked and it's getting close to the time that you can light a fire in your fireplace. We're taking Sarah Burwash's “Fall” thank you card and flipping it into real life, so we can all live in a tiny, […]

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Life in “Blowing Balloons” by Nicholas John Frith

September 4, 2014

Oh, how we love our “Life In…” posts. If “Life in Teacup Cat” didn't satisfy you, we have a new still-life in honor of the newest member of our Red Cap family: Nicholas John Frith! It's birthday time–we're sure you know someone who was born in September! Get lost in this collage for “Life in […]

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Life In “Teacup Cat” by Anke Weckmann

July 17, 2014

These “Life In” posts are so fun to make! This time we wanted to play around with Anke Weckmann's whimsical sweetness in her Teacup Cat birthday card! Everyone needs a bit of silly whimsy in their day! 1. Toot Sweet Large Aqua Stripe Plate from Meri Meri. Makes the perfect backdrop for a cat in […]

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Life In “Mom's Chair” by Josie Portillo

May 29, 2014

Did you happen to see our first “Life In..” post? If not, make sure to click over to check out “Life in Sarah Burwash's Picnic.” We love entering whimsically into an illustration and imaging what the scene would be like in reality! Today, we're focusing on our brand new artist, Josie Portillo, and her piece […]

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