Red Cap Artist Spotlight: Sarah Burwash

September 19, 2013

You didn't think that we had forgotten about talented Sarah Burwash, did you? Debuting alongside Yelena Bryksenkova, Burwash is a talented and valuable artist in our Red Cap family. Her beautiful and calming watercolor illustrations convey a casual lovely elegance that is perfect for the every day. We are so happy to have her as part of our team–and happy to introduce her to you! Meet Sarah Burwash:

Sarah Burwash for Red Cap Cards

Tell us about your life in Novia Scotia. Have you always lived there?
I grew in Rossland B.C., a small interior mountain town. I moved to Nova Scotia three years ago, I drove from one coast to the other in a 1987 Tercel with two friends, I felt a pull East, it was an intuitive decision and have stayed. I currently live in a camper trailer across from the ocean. The mountains are in my blood but I have found myself very taken by the East coast and the Atlantic ocean and still have so much to uncover.

Have you always wanted to be an illustrator? Did you create art as a child?
I wanted to be an artist since I was little. I grew up in a very arts and crafty house hold, we had craft time every day as kids and I always loved to draw. I didn't ever plan on being an illustrator though as a teenager I dreamed of illustrating children's books. I came into it serendipitously. My drawing style is illustrative and that naturally led me to doing small jobs for people here and there and as more work came my way I decided to pursue opportunities myself.

Aside from your elegant illustration work, you also make ceramics, jewelry and collages. Which medium do you prefer, and how do you find so much inspiration for so many different types of art work?
Ha, well drawing, painting, and illustrating would be what I am most invested in. My drawing practice in particular which I consider different my from my illustration practice though they over lap in a big way. Other mediums weave their way into my practice. I grew up doing so much crafting that it feel natural to jump between mediums and do a range of things. I also grew up in a 'do it yourself' family. I have very talented parents and between the two of them and their different skills, they could make almost anything. If I went to the mall as a kid with my mom and liked something she'd say 'We can make that' and that went for a lot of things in our house. So when I see things I like or have an idea for clothing, jewellery, ceramics that I want in my wardrobe, kitchen, life it is my instinct to try and make it myself. Those avenues then bleed into my 2d work and vice versa.

Sarah Burwash for Red Cap Cards

Tell us a bit about your work for magazines like Kinfolk. Do you enjoy editorial illustration–and do they give you free reign to create as you see fit?
I have really enjoyed doing editorial work, it can be challenging, and to be challenged in my work is something I crave so I am grateful for the opportunities and like the balance between my personal art practice with freelance work. My work for Kinfolk has been both very open ended and very specific. They have been great to work with, I appreciate the trust and confidence they have in me.

Sarah Burwash for Red Cap Cards

If you could have any career (besides what you are doing now), what would you want to do?
I would run a bed and breakfast in BC or Nova Scotia with cabins/ yurts/ trailers that me and my fella built. I love to cook, to be outdoors, to grow, to live intentionally and unconventionally and I would love to share the things that drive me with others, a share a place that is important to me with people from afar, give them an authentic experience. I have lived in many places driven by tourism and I am critical of it and would be interested to take a different angle.

What is your favorite piece that you have ever done, and why?
Oh I have I no idea, I don't have one, it's ever changing.


What's your dream vacation?
Sailing to Norway and perhaps the Greek Islands with my sweetheart.

Thank you, Sarah!

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Select images courtesy of Sarah Burwash.