Shop We Love: Magma Books

July 24, 2014

It's time for another Shops We Love post! Last time, we were in Amsterdam with Hear! Hear! and now we've skipped on over to the UK to visit Magma Books, a shop that currently carries Red Cap Cards and is bundled full of creative treasures!

Shops We Love: Magma Books by Red Cap Cards

Magma Books boasts four separate locations: three in London (one on Clerkenwell, two–a product + bookshop–on Earlham), plus a shop in Manchester. Their first shop in Earlham was opened in 2000, after a hilariously contrary beginnings:

“One day, when they were particularly despondent about their job and the bookshops they went to during their lunch breaks, Marc and Montse thought that someone could make a killing if they opened a good bookshop. Not a big one. Not another large surface affair, with many floors, tables piled high with promotions and ‘3 for 2s' and 20 percent off everything. No, just a small and clever space.

Then, in typical manner, Marc went home and changed his mind. He decided that no, on second thoughts, it was not a good idea after all. The internet had arrived. The book was dead. A bookshop? What a dreadful idea! Who would be buying books in a few years time. The dotcom business – that's where they should be investing what little money and time they had.

Montse, on the other hand, continued to think about it. Yes, why not? A different bookshop. She kept thinking and talking about it so often that her then boyfriend told her to just go and talk to Marc and stop bothering him , which she did – well, talk to Marc.

And Marc changed his mind again.”

Shops We Love: Magma Books by Red Cap Cards

Ha! After finally setting up shop, Magma Books now exhibits and sells a variety of products and books, including games & toys, design materials, eco home products, jewelry, stationery and “weird stuff.” Plus, if you're not in the neighborhood, you can always check out their extensive web shop to see what's in-store. If that's not enough–they even host a variety of exhibitions at their locations–art shows, book events and design showcases. What's not to love??

Magma Books
Several Locations in London & Manchester
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Images courtesy of Magma Books